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  5. salamat po sir, pero nag send na ako ng ticket dalawang beses. e try ko po ulit. hindi po ba sa script ng faucet un ? or somewhere lang yung address ko na blacklist lang sa loob ng faucet script?
  6. bagaimana menonaktifkan atau delete salah satu account faucetpay???????
  7. Guest

    About withdraw

    Just return my dogecoins
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  13. Hello guys ^^ i forgot about this ways to earn,but now i want to share it with You. If You dont want to do anything and want to earn, just change your browser. Up to 2k satoshi daily (1k min to withdraw) Just install and use to surf https://cryptotabbrowser.com/15181718
  14. Punk2000


    Asegurate de que no haya espacios ni al principio ni al final de wallet, si el problema persiste talvez deberias contactar a soporte de FaucetPay para que te ayuden, puede que TALVEZ el tipo de wallet no sea valido para ellos. Suerte y Saluds.
  15. All right, Yes Campaign have been fully paused until news.
  16. Sin duda paciencia y persistencia es en lo que hago orita, puesto que desde que me hackearon la wallet Jaxx me "tumbaron" 5kk sats de ETH, hace mucho lo supere puesto que "es inutil llorar sobre la leche ya derramada". Pero bueno como dicen "Pa'lante y mas nada". Les deseo suerte a todos.
  17. Hello guys im missing this forum as a place where many people are sharing their experience? Whats the future of this forum? Few days (even weeks) admins saids that they need to clean forum of a spam. For now, forum is cleaned, what You are waiting for? Is it forever that post should be accepted by moderator? Whats with 100sat/post Bounty and other contests? How do You, admins, are planning the future of this site?
  18. Hello, open po kayo ng ticket sa Faucetpay support tungkol po dito
  19. Magandang gabi po mga kababayan, gumawa po kasi ako faucet gamit ang makejar script yung faucet in a box. may problema lang kasi hindi ko ma test at naka block ang user ko mag claim. nag try narin ako palitan ang aking wallet. ito po ang link. faucet.claimercorner.xyz
  20. За 6 дней более 100 000 сб. Высокооплачиваемый сайт https://pastenow.ru/b044f3f0ecfd746b59b9a174b9fa41a6 https://beerfaucet.io/?ref=308
  21. Arkadaşlar Merhaba, FaucetPay hesabınıza ilk claim’dan sonra otomatik olarak anında kendisi gönderiyor sadece PC’de açık kalsın, damlaya damlaya göl olur. https://ifreecoin.club/doge?r=D8KbAR4PRnbaanTD2cBUgvdvPNsJXwuiYE https://ifreecoin.club/trx?r=TAon4KreWa7LoXoYxWXopHUHhfP7BSnP6U https://ifreecoin.club/dgb?r=DGUBzj6HMqHmcMbvoMzX2VaTnQ71XvuV66 https://ifreecoin.club/bch?r=qpc0ylhmr427tzessstgctflw0pfqmgplg2qsted8l https://ifreecoin.club/dash?r=XwK14bKwxryMPGYbkA6kkkqamYgapPxtTk https://ifreecoin.club/ltc?r=MDpmvqmwNwJYHWpZSydJpcqcAv7eda3jpG
  22. winky47

    About withdraw

    First, are you stating you got another account with us?Creating multiple account isn't allowed in the platform. Secondly, make sure that it was your Faucetpay deposit address that you had used when you withdrew from that site and lastly, check the transaction id. If the site cant provide you any transaction id then you were never paid.
  23. Faucetpay deposit addresses are fix and won't change if ever there are changes there will be notification.
  24. Iny own opinion I believe they limited the coverage due to security reasons.i think people from Africa region can't trade in that wallet apart from storing their cryptocurrency because this also affect me I can only store cryptocurrency there but I can't trade
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