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    Unfortunately, today we have to announce that we will remove binary trading from FaucetPay due the issues we have with our API providers. We want to deliver our users a seamless experience without any interruptions. We are looking for forward to bring it back to you as soon we find a reliable solution for FaucetPay. We apologize the inconvenience and appreciate your support.
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    We're happy to announce that we have listed TRON at our website! You can now deposit, withdraw, trade or gamble TRON at our platform.
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    FaucetPay Forum Rules - Topics of HI/WELCOME/NEW HERE prohibited to reply them. - Only Faucet Owners will be post their faucets in (Faucets) without ref source. - (Referral Links/Advertise yourself) only allowed in its section. - BOUNTY FORUM is only for FaucetPay Bounties. - PONZI SCHEMES or any thing related to "Investments" prohibited. - FaucetPay Forums is only for Related Discussing of FaucetPay no to discuss any thing another. - Off topic forums are open for any topics & no spam. - If you see anyone don't follow rules, kindly click "report" in the top of the post ( takes few milliseconds ). Too many spammers joined the payment for posts campaign thats why we paused it until clean the forum from spam.
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    Hello, Forum is place where every thing is discussed in detail, So replying with words like Very Good, Congrates, Thanks, Sad, Confusing, Etc. Is Called spamming in the Forums, To avoid such spam posts, this forum is providing an alternate to deliver your essentials. here is the way. At the end of every post, you will find a tab/button with heart shape. (like showing below) All you have to do is ... TAP this button, you will find differ emoji's as under Heart Shape is for the posts you Like, Select this if you like my Post. Sad Emoji is for the posts that you feel are poor in description, Select this if you feel poor my post. Confused Emoji is for the posts that make you confused in understanding the matter. Select if you feel so. Laughing Emoji is for the posts that present fun to you . Select if you find the funny here . Winning Trophy Emoji is for the posts you feel to say Thanks for sharing. Select this for my post if you feel thanks. I hope you guys will stop spamming the forum after reading this and will start your reaction from this post.
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    Forum Rules and Guidelines Terms And Definitions To Know: Categories are lists of Sections(or Forums). Sections (or Forums) are where members and staff create Topics. Topics are where members and staff Post Comments. Spam is the number one enemy of Forums. Introduction To The Rules: We are all adults here. Let’s all be decent human beings that interact nicely with the other human beings. Before creating a Topic or Posting a Comment, read the rules for creating Topics that have been pinned inside every Section. Spam is the worst offense - It’s worse than murder. Spam is a meaningless Post. Off-Topic Posts or Topics created in the wrong section will be treated as Spam Racism and or hate-filled speech are not allowed. No plagiarism. Copying and pasting content from other works is not allowed. Do not post malicious links or links to fraudulent sites. Only one forum account per user. Multiple accounts will result in all accounts being removed and all rewards or prizes from events or giveaways will be forfeited. Referral links are only allowed in the designated Section and only if they are legitimate and tested by the member posting them. That means, show some proof that it’s legit. Publishing personal info about other members and Staff (Doxxing) is not allowed. Do not post any mining, HYIP, pyramid or get-rich-quick schemes. A Few Guidelines To Follow Try not to create Topics that have already been created. If a similar Topic already exists, add your thoughts and Post Comments to that Topic. After being warned for violating the rules, please don’t take it personally and start spamming for revenge. No Spamming. No Spamming. Your Topic Title (Subject Title) should describe your Topic’s content. Do not create Topics that are Scam accusations. Falsely accusing Staff or other members of scamming will not be tolerated. If you have been scammed by another member and you have indisputable proof, please report to an Administrator or Moderator. Venting your frustrations and calling FaucetPay a Scam is ok! Just don’t do it in the wrong Section or your Topic will be deleted and your account may be restricted. Please use the “Fck FaucetPay” Section to tell us we suck after you lose. Respect these guidelines and we will continue to bring you an awesome, entertaining experience and of course, lots and lots of rewards. The Report Feature. How And When To Use It The report feature is to be used when you come across comments or topics that break any of the rules above. It is not to be used on topics or comments that you don't like for personal reasons. Please note: These are guidelines, not laws. Admins can make decisions based on individual circumstances. Admins can also change these guidelines as they see fit without notice. It is the responsibility of each individual member to check back here once in a while. Any major changes will be accompanied by an announcement.
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    Tronix (TRX) will be added at FaucetPay in coming 2 to 5 days. There are no plans to add XRP or BAT for now.
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    We plan to support the following PayPal Advanced Cash Payeer Visa / MasterCard SEPA Europe Yandex Money Qiwi Wallet In addition to that, we are also looking forward to issue our own FaucetPay token by the end of the year!
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    Claim FREE Bits every 60 minutes Please fill in the captcha below and click the Roll & Win button to get your bits. The amount of bits that you get will depend on the number that you roll and paid out according to the payout table below. Rewards from payout table are calculated based on your level, membership and any other multiplier applied to your account. You can come back and play every 60 minutes to win free bits each time! Invite your friends and get more bits! Refer users using your referral link below and earn 12% of their faucet claims FOR LIFE!https://grab.tc/?ref=34858
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    Members Ranks have been setted up! Ranks Minimum Posts count Brand New 0 Member 50 Full Member 100 VIP 1000 Legendary 4000
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    share faucet legitnya kita belajar bareng bareng gan
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    Post in the forum and get 1000 sats daily from FaucetPay this is a nice way to earn money from FaucetPay - i hope a good earn to you all -thank you
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    When reading the definition of crypto faucets you probably thought, “this sounds familiar. Aren’t these airdrops and bounties?” It’s easy to get confused. Airdrops, bounties, and faucets are all methods of earning cryptocurrency rewards, but they aren’t the same thing. For instance, faucets can be websites you have to visit periodically in order to receive coins. Anytime you want to earn crypto, you’ll have to go to the website, complete the task, and then receive coins. And you can do this as long as the website exists. On the other hand, airdrops are usually distributed by blockchain/crypto startups, and they represent a one-time reward for helping the company with promotion and community building. In most cases, these startups will distribute their own tokens. Hope this makes things clearer for you. And now, it’s time for the best part. Let me introduce you to the highest paying crypto and bitcoin faucets for 2020.
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    Hi Guys, Many of the People are new here, wondering just how to post the URL Links and format IT in a way that it does not visible being a URL to the viewers but clickable to access the desired link (might be ref-link) . Here is the Key to DO THIS. - We have to utilize the Formatting Bar for this purpose (you can see above to your writing area) it looks like as under You have to click on Chain-like icon (Circled in the image above) A Pop up window will open as under Type your URL Link in First Line Type the words you like to show in the post in 2nd line and click on insert into post As you can see ... i have made in the image the resulted Link will show you like this .... FORUM BONUS NETWORK P,S LIKE THE POST IF YOU FOUND IT HELPFUL TO YOU.
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    Hola a todos... No quería perder la oportunidad de darles un pequeño concejo sobre los llamados contratos inteligentes que últimamente están promocionando en todas partes . Que hace llamativo a estos contratos de inversión? Pues fácil, ganancias fáciles y a corto plazo!! Pero... Nada es fácil en la vida. Y es cierto... Y peor... Siempre costará algo... En fin... El hecho es que estas plataformas siempre terminan quedando sin liquidez (por la fiebre de retiradas de intereses de los que invirtieron) o porque sencillamente el contrato fue vaciado por su creador... Esto último pasa mucho... En fin... Si usted quiere arriesgarse es decisión solo de usted... Y si ese es el caso, le recomiendo que ingresé en el primer día y consiga la mayor cantidad de referencias... Pues esa será la única forma de tener buenas ganancias a corto plazo(antes que quede en cero el contrato o sea vaciado). Eso sí... La mayoría de los que referistes perderán gran parte de lo que inviertieron... Y sabes porque? Fácil, esas plataformas de inversión tipo contratos inteligentes (dígase Tron o Etherum) funcionan como un esquema ponzi... Asi que solo ganarán los primeros en entrar, y los demás están en el limbo... Bueno eso es todo, y espero tomen el concejo... Postdata: yo logré ganar!!
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    There is tech problems, will be solved very soon.
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    We have updated the BInary Trading graph and it will now be using an average price coming from several cryptocurrency exchanges such as Kraken, Coinbase, etc. The graph updates every 10 seconds whereas the price you see at top of the graph (in a small button) is real-time and changes every second (or more often). Thank you.
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    Add more coins to FaucetPay.io. For example: Monero, Zcash. Ethereum classic, Ripple. Stellar, EOS. QTUM, Ravencoin, Blackcoin, Bytecoin, etc. These coins are very popular, users will be very happy with this innovation. Who what else coin would like to see - write.
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    Congrats for your BTC withdrawal proof Bro. Because it's not easy and very patience to do that. Good job!
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    hey guys ! Just a advice, only spend what you can lost !
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    Cool. But here is my take on it, while the benefit of mining with your own equipment is energy consuming among other things compared to mining with a company that has already set-up rigs, the risk involved in mining with some company (i.e. say when the company suddenly closes up and disappears with your money etc) cannot be compared to the piece of mind of mining yourself howbeit slow and not as profitable. In addition there is no guarantee that the company is real too
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    Ini gan kunjungi ya Proudly faucet butuh dukungan indonesia.
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    Thanks for the information. in case of next time help someone like put the message in English language so that I can't have complete information because I can't read nor understand Arabic
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    hi, Not only to post, but to post the quality stuff, Posts words must count 50+ It should be helpful to the users NO Spaming No abusing and most important you should be registered on forum bonus network, to gain the rewards, Here is the post guidline, how to get registered and withdraw your earnings from forum posts. Happy claiming.
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