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    السلام عليكم اخوتي الكرام اقدم لكم موقع لربح عملة Litecoin مجانا أحصل على 0.0005 LTC مجانا و يوميا للتسجيل من هنا: https://ltcminer.com/1183068 ملاحظة حتى تتوصل بالسحب سريعا و بدون مشاكل قم دائما بسحب 0.0005 LTC بالتوفيق للجميع
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    I was so sad when i found out all my earnings through different faucets like moonbitcoin, moondogecoins,moonlite,and bonus bitcoin, cannot be withdrawn as they are all paying into coinpot,pls ring the alarm, coinpot is a scam.
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    Contains a list of faucets for most popular microwallets and also lets you to create and share your own faucet list. - https://myfaucetlist.com/
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    Live graph for the games please!
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