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  1. The game has been released!!! https://faucetpay.io/plinko
  2. Please create a ticket at the main website.
  3. We are excited to announce that FaucetPay will soon be listing Plinko as one of our new games! Plinko allows users to drop a ball from top into the pyramidal board to finding the winning path to a multiplier below. We are expected to release this game by the end of this month (i.e., September). https://faucetpay.io/plinko
  4. Unfortunately, today we have to announce that we will remove binary trading from FaucetPay due the issues we have with our API providers. We want to deliver our users a seamless experience without any interruptions. We are looking for forward to bring it back to you as soon we find a reliable solution for FaucetPay. We apologize the inconvenience and appreciate your support.
  5. We're happy to announce that we have listed TRON at our website! You can now deposit, withdraw, trade or gamble TRON at our platform.
  6. Tronix (TRX) will be added at FaucetPay in coming 2 to 5 days. There are no plans to add XRP or BAT for now.
  7. We plan to support the following PayPal Advanced Cash Payeer Visa / MasterCard SEPA Europe Yandex Money Qiwi Wallet In addition to that, we are also looking forward to issue our own FaucetPay token by the end of the year!
  8. We are working to bring in fiat withdrawals, thanks!
  9. Anyone promising to double your money is a scam. Close closed.
  10. I have contacted the chart makers, hopefully I'll update as they respond,.
  11. There's no lag. As I said, the reference price (not the graph) is updated many times in a second, That's where your reference price comes from. The graph, on the other hand, updates every second. That's the most real-time it can get - there isn't any other small time interval.
  12. That's amazing! I love Witcher 3 and I am also a fan of the books. Great content!
  13. No, they don't. The graph updates every second and is better than the previous one we had. I am going to lock the topic since there isn't anything to discuss here.
  14. Interesting! Although, I am much more into modern games such as RDR 2!
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