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  1. It's a good idea to want to owe a faucet site because no matter what, they do generate some income, depending on the packaging and experience of the owner and lots of other things in between. However, I think the idea of looking for a free hosting is a shot in the leg. It's full of limitations and faucet as a business venture, deserves to go with a paid hosting to get the best and most out of it, except if you're still experimenting. Best of luck! BTW. have you checked out FaucetPay Faucet scripts?
  2. I think doubling your bet on every loss is called Martingale, so there's a strategy therein. However, it's not a fail proof approach as just a losing streak is all it takes to blow up a bankroll. Best way to go about Binary Options is to master how to trade support and resistance levels and that includes Pivot points, Fibonacci Retracement, etc.
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    Beware there're no free lunch anywhere and LuckFish in particular, placed their minimum withdrawal quite high and that of course is in the hope that one would eventually lose their coins before they turn them above minimum payout. Not every site claiming to offer provably fair dice games is one, you need to put your nose on the ground and be able to look before jumping
  4. There is indeed a thin line between gambling and trading and for some persons especially none tradings, they do not seems to see any difference because both presents the risk of losing in the event of a loss. Trading however is ahead of gambling if done based on sound market studies, analysis and trading skills.
  5. Interesting to see there many faucets already listed to choose from as well as many ways to earn directly from the site, so there can be no dull moment here for anyone out to make some money here. Like you OP said, more experience translate to more speed and then more money.
  6. Thanks @Sultan Ahmed, It's indeed an instructive and worthwhile tutorial. I had already made a mistake with getting my ID, until I came across this tutorial, it's a head up for new members.
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