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  1. Thank you very much for the tutorial. I have officially registered to be included in the next payout for the Faucetpay post bounty. Its a really pity that the system broke. I would have made some withdrawals by now. Great job on winning the $10
  2. I recently started posting here on the Faucetpay forum and it seems that 2 of my posts are already trending on the Leaderboard. I know this is not a big deal but it does feel rather satisfying to see ones efforts are appreciated by others. I do appreciate all the positive reactions on my posts. Below are the trending posts if you want to check them out: 14th position - Binary Trading graph seems to be buggy! 44th position - Get paid for every post!
  3. Hi, the candle chart is working like a charm again. Thank you for the quick fix. Much appreciated.
  4. Ok. Thank you for the feedback. One last question. Are you planning on fixing the candles on the candle chart. I prefer the candles over the line chart. For some reason as show in the image above, the candles doesn't seem to be fully formed. I would really appreciate it if you could take a look at this.
  5. Thank you for the feedback. I understand how the platform tracks the price movement. My issue is that most of the time users uses the graph to check the price movement of BTC and not the top left corner indicator. I do feel that the lag should be fixed because its not easy to perform Binary Trades if the graph is not working properly. Imagine trying to place a trade but because of the lag it only executes 3-5 seconds later. This difference in time can have a dramatic impact on the outcome of the PUT/CALL trade. I hope this makes sense.
  6. I have been noticing that the Binary Trading Graph has several bugs which has caused me to lose some of my trades when in fact I was suppose to have won them. The bugs I have noticed is the exit price does not correspond with the price on the graph and the candles does not fully form. Another thing before I forget. The time between placing the trade and the trade actually executing seems to be lagging. Sometimes when I place the trade at a certain price then the lag causes my trade to execute at a price which was not where I intended to enter the trade. I would really appreciate if someone could fix these issues because its making my experience rather somber.
  7. Thank you for sharing this strategy. I have mostly been earning through the Binary Trading platform on Faucetpay. I managed to accumulate DOGE coins on another platform which I transferred to my Faucetpay account. So far so good!
  8. Hello everyone I am starting this thread as a tool to increase my referrals on a faucet I recently joined. I have decided to incentivize those who join with my referral link by providing one lucky person with 1 week advertising space in my Bitcoinkings Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/259944564440912 which has over 110k members Please follow these steps in order to be eligible for this opportunity: Join Coinbirds with my ref link: https://coin-birds.com/?r=180606 Post the username in this thread you used when you joined Coinbirds This faucet has been tested by myself and I can confirm that the withdrawals does in fact work. Below are screen shots of my withdrawals from Coinbirds into my Payeer account. I intend on making more withdrawals as soon as I have enough funds in my account. I will update everyone in due time on the status of the withdrawals on Coinbirds. I would recommend using Payeer for all withdrawals when registering on Coinbirds. The reason is because the minimum withdrawal through Payeer is the lowest and you can also use Payeer to exchange your Fiat money for different Cryptocurrencies. If you want to join Payeer then please use my referral link: https://payeer.com/03994747 P.S. I will try to have a competition each week with different verified faucets. If you dont win this week then you can always try your luck next week. Good luck to those who enter. I will publish the results on Friday.
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