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  1. Haha iya pak, cuman itu sudah yang paling trusted, untung sudah withdraw jadi lumayan lah ada profit nya wkwk
  2. Hello, welcome to FaucetPay forum, since it is a forum not a livechat you cant only post a few sentences, probably you are new for this forum so you didnt know how it works So welcome
  3. Well, it is also how they pay us but with the spamming pop ads, i dont think so we also going to visit their website Banner probably enough or just a few pop ads but not very often And yeah Play Store have plenty trusted Faucet that doesnt give a pop ads (but they give reward video ads)
  4. Since it is quite they give a little amount of satoshi, i will wait till they increase their payout since it is only 0.02$ per day, it is also if you want to do it everyday But thanks for letting us know
  5. Maaf mas, tapi kelihatannya semua nya pada scam pak, tapi ada saya yang rekomendasi yang sampai sekarang masih online Yang ini (Bukan refferal link)
  6. Haha yeah glad mexicantarget is back, his creation is make other got inspired, and now he make another website and it is reall awsome
  7. Tbh dont trust any cloud miner for my opinion, since they control our miner not us, so they can leave whenever they want to
  8. ETHEREUM PARADISE [The first Crypto Rewarding Discord Server, based on Activity Yo hello everyone, i would like to introduce you that i will share you a Discord server where you can chat and communicate with others while you get rewarded in ETH!?! Wo how is that work? You will chat in some channel, and the bot will automaticly reward you some gweis Not just by chatting, you can work (not real work), rob (Steal other money), crime (do crime and you will get pay or get fined) and Slut (no there is no explanation sorry :D) Is this real? Yeah, we already online for 1-2 months now and we already pay 1.92$ ETH (Total) Is there any other Feature? Of course, like other website, we also have offerwall, we have some simple task for you to complete and you will get paid in Gweis (on game balance) How to withdraw? When you have the limit to withdraw, you will need to buy item, then you will be payed using this tipbot named tip.cc Why tipbot? because the network fee is high so we pay in tipbot not direct wallet you can also exchange the eth to other currencies if you dm me Okay i got hyped, where is the invite link? Here you Join us now, if you feel the server is ugly you can suggest an idea using (!suggest [idea]) If you met some problem on joining the servers, you can ask here since we use high security bot
This is a simple cybertext
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