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  1. The first day i saw a member talking about Read.Cash i thought he was lying! But i have the habit of trying new things because you never know where you door of success is. I joined Read.Cash 4 months ago, but i have already earned more than $200 just by writing 4-7 articles per week! Imagine if i would be good in writing and write at least 20-30 articles every week! It was hard in the first week and i was going to give up for sure, but i gain a new power after one o my articles received an upvote of $0.03 can you imagine?! It is really small but it motivated me and i start to write more and more, and interesting articles about Cryptocurrencies and about our normal life as well. After a month i start to earn from $0.5 to $3 per and per article! Imagine if i was writing everyday, how much would i earn per day with 10 articles? Unfortunately, i write only one article per day because I'm a member of more 4 writing platforms and apart from those jobs, i also have my personal works and that's why i can not spend a long time there. So guys this is really and they pay good, just join and write interesting articles about ANYTHING and the platform BOT will upvote you if few members will read your article. Just remember to write YOUR OWN ARTICLE and follow their rules, otherwise you will NEVER earn from them. Please, CLICK HERE TO JOIN. Thank you so much!
  2. Very sorry friend @Brizzy keep trying, maybe the network is not good or there are some errors. The airdrop is ending tomorrow because 1st October the trade is opened!
  3. Guys, you know Yobit exchange, right? It gives free 1700 Dollars and the trade will be opened in 1st October, so you still have few days to join this airdrop and earn. It's simple, just click this link https://yobit.net/free-dollars/?start=ro71ugukea and you will been directed to Yobit so that you can register an account and you can follow their simple rules to receive 1700 Dollars free, no KYC. Last airdrop for DICE tokens more than million members earned 14,000,000 DICE tokens, so don't miss this airdrop. You can also refer your friend and receive 800 Dollars. Good luck!
  4. Thank you sir, i really appreciate. I am now using Swipe FX it's more developed a lot of pairs and easy to win! For sure, thank you.
  5. Hello my dear friends, I just need to know two things and I will be really happy. 1.) Is Faucetpay forum still pays their members by writing posts? 2.) Is it the end of Binary Options in Faucetpay or we will have it again? Only those questions and I will be happy if one will answer me, thank you.
  6. I"m Calvin, a member of faucetpay since last year but i never know about this forum am glad to know it. I believe i will learn many things here from other members of this forum by accessing the forum everyday. Thanks for your support and i real love you guys!
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