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  1. HI ! i have an isue with this faucet owner :( claimbtc.io) when this project started i start referring the site and got like 900+ referral and they banned me like 1 months ago now and saying i'm using bot programs and just blocked my account ,but i never used bots ! my referral came from different ptc sites . i was active like everywhere becouse i'm also clicking on the sites sometimes i claim 15 faucet a day ... actualy here my stat from moremoney. i can't reach them via email or any method they are not responding to me and i still see them faucet on faucetpay wich is bad ... so my stat from moremoney showing my stat on moremoney.io to belive me what i say i alredy ask few Forum claimbtc.io markit for scam becouse it's unfair what they did so take care when you are referring this faucet or claiming here . the wrongest things i can't talk with them becouse no respond ... no payment from them ages ago
This is a simple cybertext
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