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  1. Live graph for the games please!
  2. What's the house edge going to be?
  3. Weekly bonus awarded, 100,000 btc sats! https://prnt.sc/toczsy Sign up here
  4. Once all my refs were wiped out, and the excuse was given that they had database error. : /
  5. Yeah, sites do that sometimes when you get too many refs.
  6. Easy 50X hit on keno! https://prnt.sc/tnmqf0 Sign up here
  7. Currently they are not accepting people from United States, Italy, Syrian, Iran, The Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Australia, Netherlands or France. But I have seen people from Australia playing, They use VPN, or simply connect to the mirror site.
  8. Received my Weekly bonus : ) 95,000 btc Satoshi... https://prnt.sc/tkcjmm
  9. Runaway

    Sports betting

    They have removed the complete sports betting system from FP for now...
  10. Runaway

    Sport betting.

    Hey Tim, I have heard quite a lot of negative reviews about that place on trustpilot about the site. There have been no issues for your withdrawal from there?
  11. You need to try Stake. I have been betting there without any issues, they have low margins on bets, low house edge on their casino games and instant withdrawals. They give weekly and monthly bonuses to their players+ chance to win upto 10$ daily from their discord lottery.+ Big rains in the chat, tips etc+ cashback on bets made. https://prnt.sc/tftw1n In case you get not available in your country, You can connect to their official mirror site :) Stake Mirror Site
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