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  1. I always like to collect ltc,My personal opinion is that in the future the price of ltc will be twice as much as at present, in the future it will reach the level close to the price of btc, I also prefer other crypto-currency like bch, eth,
  2. Hlw!well-come in this world but you first follow the forum rules carefully to post or reply any kind of topics otherwise you can't get benefit from it.Hopefully you do it in future.
  3. Sports betting is a long term process in my opinion. Some gamblers pick up winning strategies faster than others, but there’s a learning curve for even the best sports bettors.More you learn,More you gain.so don’t make the mistake of betting too much per contest when you’re learning how to win.without knowing more you can't take risk if you do this you must loose your money.
  4. Hlw! Can you please tell me the sites name from where you withdraw from you btc?if you tell me the details i think i cna help you little bit. Thank you
  5. Really its a great opportunity for crypto earner,i am also a member, i earn lots of satoshi but when i heard its gave their won token from this day i never entering this site.By the way thanks for sharing important site.Hopefully you continue it in future.
  6. Thanks to sharing your experience but i need more details about this sites.can you tell me How many years has the company been working?How many times i can withdraw from this sites.
  7. I am really not sure what "crush" you are referring to however good luck and I hope the crash is ?? successful ??
  8. riyadmozu19

    Im done

    I like gambling too, but luck is not on my side, without luck gambling is less likely to do better, for me and so on, you have a lot of ideas about the game so you have been able to make a lot of money with a small investment, I hope this trend continues in the future. Will be maintained.
  9. Hello friend we'll com to faucetpay world.Now its time to following evry forum post because Senior members always put details about faucetpay and various content bbecause it can help you to increasing your knowledge.if you do this Hopefully you can get success very soon.
  10. The update of faucetpay always brings a novelty in plinko game and it is no exception.All the new and old members of faucetpay will get additional opportunity to earn new income through plinko game. Faucetpay is a blessing for all the family. Hope everybody on this site also had a great day.
  11. Thank yo so much for sharing those types of faucet,i visited your sites and also be registered on this site.But its very hurting me so much when i want to claim on this time insufficient coin.i am very much shocked to see this. By the way please share your best faucet sites for earning.
  12. Please read attentively and carefully Forum rules Because there’s some restrictions on it. You must to follow it otherwise you Won't be get satoshi from it. Post must be 50+ word no copy&paste.i think you got my point and will get benefits from it. Thanks
  13. Wow great chance to earn but how can trust those site? Please provide proof of payment and add more information for better support.
  14. such an great opportunity to earn crypto for new user.Hopefully payments will be more in future.
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