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  1. There is no too much active members in the forum. So it's been useless.
  2. Navigate to the panel and write your address and choose the coin: https://faucetpay.io/page/user-admin/linked-addresses
  3. Hey! Create a metamask wallet just by downloading / installing the extension to your browser and follow simple steps. By linking it, it's being used as your eth address in faucetpay (like an id) so that if you used it to claim faucets it won't be credit into metamask but your fp balance, because faucetpay just transfer the ethereum from the faucet owner balance to the account that linked the eth address. And you can withdraw to the ethereum address or link another one and withdraw to.
  4. Hello, Faucetpay only accept cryptocurrency payments, to withdraw, link your cryptocurrency address and place a withdrawal request. for such a bank withdrawals use a broker in you country that will give you local currency for your cryptocurrency.
  5. Doct


    Contact the support: https://faucetpay.io/page/contact-us
  6. I also do not know the reason for their token this ... It is clear that the exchange does not want to pay in Bitcoin again.
  7. What is SwipeFX? https://forum.faucetpay.io/topic/3463-swipefx-llc-trade-your-way/ There is two ways to deposit into SwipeFx: Deposit by sending funds to your deposit address. Deposit using FaucetPay merchant system. The first way: Navigate to https://swipefx.com/account/deposit. Copy your deposit address and Send the funds to it then it will be credit automaticly after it got confirmed (depends of the currency that you choosed when registered). The second way: Make sure you have enough balance on your FaucetPay account to deposit in SwipeFX. Navigate to https://swipefx.com/account/deposit Write the amount you want to deposit in USD and it will be calculated and converted into your account curruncy in the merchant board. e.g. I will deposit 200 USD and my account is BTC. Click "Deposit with FaucetPay". Because my account is BTC so the merchant asks me for BTC, It's asking you to confirm the payment, simply click "Complete Payment". Good, now as soon as we clicked on this button, the deposit was made to the site immediately. In both ways, after you deposit, you can start trading and withdraw without need of any KYC unlikely the other brokers.
  8. Hello, hope the tutorial helps...
  9. There is no something such as this ... you can get your BCH deposit address from here: https://faucetpay.io/page/user-admin/deposit
  10. I would advise to write your review at https://trustpilot.com. for the new users.
  11. Have you contacted their support? They should have comment of that. Btw I saw too much bad reputations for the wallet early.
  12. There is already too much ways, Faucets, PTC, Offers and Multiply BTC. You can also see the post:
This is a simple cybertext
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