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  1. All right, Yes Campaign have been fully paused until news.
  2. Yeah, you can see that in the same page also.
  3. yeah, no longer available, why? Because the issues with api providers. Read forum announcement.
  4. Sportsbetting have been stopped
  5. Members Ranks have been setted up! Ranks Minimum Posts count Brand New 0 Member 50 Full Member 100 VIP 1000 Legendary 4000
  6. Doct

    Sad information

    There will be good news soon.
  7. You can PM any one of Administrators then they can do it.
  8. Only the faucet owners may post here. Please use a direct link without any referral. Referral links are not allowed at this board. Any spam will lead to account suspension. While creating the post, please mention your faucet's name, URL and description.
  9. FaucetPay Forum Rules - Topics of HI/WELCOME/NEW HERE prohibited to reply them. - Only Faucet Owners will be post their faucets in (Faucets) without ref source. - (Referral Links/Advertise yourself) only allowed in its section. - BOUNTY FORUM is only for FaucetPay Bounties. - PONZI SCHEMES or any thing related to "Investments" prohibited. - FaucetPay Forums is only for Related Discussing of FaucetPay no to discuss any thing another. - Off topic forums are open for any topics & no spam. - If you see anyone don't follow rules, kindly click "report" in the top of the post ( takes few milliseconds ). Too many spammers joined the payment for posts campaign thats why we paused it until clean the forum from spam.
  10. Doct


    At the moment, system has been back, paid posts will counts every week.
  11. مرحبا بك، فقط اشترك في الشبكة وستستلم الارباح اليومية هناك.
  12. Welcome To Faucet Pay Forum!
  13. It seems scam, it's called 'game', anyway, take it as lesson, don't deposit in these sites.
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