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  1. SwipeFX LLC Enjoy a seamless trading experience with a tailor edged platform! Register - Choose your base currency and submit your registration. Fund - Fund your account with Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin. Trade - Trade over +100 different options on SwipeFX. Hot! Deposit and Withdraw Via FaucetPay feeless Website https://swipefx.com Telegram https://t.me/SwipeFX Support @SwipeFX LLC and Telegram Links Terms & conditions Anti Money Laundering (AML) Privacy Policy Crypto and Forex by TradingView
  2. Doct

    swipe fx

    Its not in beta anymore as mentioned in telegram.
  3. For deposit addresses you can't obtain new one or get another one, but you can link address to be used for claim faucets & withdrawals.
  4. Doct

    swipe fx

    As mentioned in Telegram it still in beta, but for confirmation, ask to the admin @Geralt, the Spamslayer
  5. For deposits: FaucetPay accepts only deposits from MetaMask. For claim faucets: Link your MetaMask or MEW address into your linked addresses and use it in ethereum faucets.
  6. FaucetPay won't allow you to use API or merchant systems for any investment contracts such as HYIPs or Cloud mining. It does not support the promotion of this in any way.
  7. You can link multiply BTC addresses and use it for claim faucets, any deposits to the address won't be credit into your faucetpay account, will be credit into the BTC wallet of the address.
  8. Picoworkers is an online marketplace that connects Freelancers around the world with business owners. Businesses who need other people to help them to support their work come to Picoworkers. Here they can hire workers for easy and quick jobs. It accepts payments in cryptocurrency and pay out in crypto. This is how small gigs work Select jobs you like Complete these tasks Explore required tasks Send required proofs Register here
  9. Hello, this problem is just on mobile phones. Register in the forum by Desktop device or Enable Desktop mode in your Mobile browser.
  10. You have to make a deposit in FaucetPay by withdrawing from coinpot to your faucetpay deposit address ( depends of the curruncy ).
  11. Doct

    Ethereum Address

    Hello, link your Ethereum address into your linked address, and use it to claim faucets.
  12. They already paying TALK TOKENS for posts, but it can't be traded now, they just launched a btc campaign now.
  13. Hello there You should link your MetaMask Address into your Linked Addresses, then use it as deposit address only for faucetpay faucets.
  14. Yobit Exchange is paying 1000 satoshi per every post with positive rating in https://CryptoTalk.Org (max 20 posts/day). Payment: 1000 sat per post, max 20 posts daily ( up to 20k sats daily ) Panel: https://yobit.net/en/paybyposts Announcement: https://cryptotalk.org/topic/106294-new-payment-and-rating-system-for-the-forum/page/10/?tab=comments#comment-7464740 Register in Yobit Exchange and CryptoTalk.Org Forum now! Edit : You should have to write free 100 posts after joining campaign in order to get payments.
  15. Hello, you can send PM to these admins. @Geralt, the Spamslayer @MrBit
  16. Doct

    💧 Forum Faucet

    Register with your ID
  17. You can do Internal transfer to another FaucetPay account here https://faucetpay.io/transfer
  18. Yes In FaucetPay, as mentioned, But There will be SwipeFX soon, where you will be able to deposit/withdraw using Faucetpay, but at the moment It's still in test mode.
  19. Doct

    💧 Forum Faucet

    Forum Faucet Get paid for every post in https://forum.faucetpay.io Panel : https://faucetpaymod.xyz Posts : Topics, Comments Payment : 100 satoshi per post, max 10 posts per day Payments will be sent every 24 hours UID(User ID) : Find it in your profile link https://forum.faucetpay.io/profile/260-doct/ e.g. 260 is my UID
  20. Hello there There is already status of your ads, you should receive the link of your ad status in your email.
  21. Doct

    btc address

    Hey there, Find your BTC address at User Dashboard -> Deposit.
  22. Doct

    New member

    Hello there, you can here ask any questions about faucetpay, and there is Referral links section, so you can gain referrals.
  23. Hello, Please review this topic carefully
  24. Please read the post above
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