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  1. I have made the same suggestion, with TRX growing in popularity so fast I think it would be the perfect addition to faucetpay
  2. so so sorry, won’t happen again
  3. I have to say that not only is litecoinads the best litecoin faucet attached to faucetpay, I would also go as far as saying it’s the best faucet attached to faucetpay. The faucet regularly pays out a higher reward with my best being 150,000 from a single roll! The ptc and other earning opportunities are excellent, and when you add in instant payments with no minimum for faucetpay withdrawals your have a real winner. https://litecoinads.com/register.aspx?u=108830
  4. . It’s a great site isn’t it, I joined just after faucethub closed down and have to say i wish I joined earlier
  5. faucetpay really is a great microwallet sure and community, has an awesome future in my i opinion
  6. I’m honestly sure how I double quoted there must have been a system glitch as pentarina’s quote must have been from a different thread
  7. Welcome to the forum Johnny are you new to faucetpay or the whole world of crypto?
  8. Thank you Sultan, really nice to meet you too. It’s great that we have a community built of people from across the globe
  9. Hi everyone, I’ve just joined the forum, but have been using faucetpay for a while now and it’s an excellent microwallet. Just wondering where everyone is from and if there are any other Brits on the forum?
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