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  1. Saludos Bienvenido al foro espero te ayude y te beneficies de la información que se sube a diario y si claro todo es poco a poco pero siendo constante lograras las metas que te pongas. Éxitos y Felices ganancias estamos a la orden te puedo recomendar unas paginas que te ayudaran a capitalizar eso si debes ser constante.
  2. The Bitcoin (BTC) price created a massive bearish engulfing candlestick on August 2, possibly indicating that the upward move has ended and a corrective period awaits. The long-term movement, however, still looks healthy. Bitcoin Fails to Close Above Long-Term Resistance During the week of July 27-August 3, the Bitcoin price increased considerably, going from a low of $9,917 to a high of $12,123. However, the higher prices could not be sustained, and BTC dropped in order to reach a close of $11,071, roughly $1,000 below the weekly highs. It is important to note that the price failed to close above the $11,500 area. This is a long-term resistance level, above which the price also failed to close above in July 2019, when it briefly reached a yearly high.
  3. Greetings friends, excellent information since airdrops can make clear benefits, not everyone pays as some do not manage to make the project sustainable and fail. But I have managed to receive some that may not have the promised value but still leave some benefit and best of all, it is without investment. Successes and happy earnings thanks for sharing
  4. Buenas bienvenida al foro debes realizar la solicitud a soporte para que procesen tu solicitud. En la pestaña de ayuda o help en el panel de usuario cualquier otra cosa no dudes en escribir
  5. Saludos amigo bienvenido al foro recientemente las comisiones de retiro de eth fueron ajustadas y aun no han colocados nuevos minimos de retiro de eth por lo tanto te recomiendo no retirar esa cantidad ya que de 200.000 sat de ETH solo recibiras 50.000 sat de ETH asi que espera reunir mas para que no se lo coma la comision. saludos y cualquier otra duda estamos a la orden
  6. Greetings friends I see that there are changes in the forum we hope that they contribute to a better handling of the content and thus be able to take advantage of a space where useful information is shared to earn online and learn a little more about cryptocurrencies.
  7. Saludos amigo bienvenido al foro espero logres beneficiarte del contenido que aqui se comparte estamos a la orden recuerda leer las reglas para evitar inconvenientes, en Faucetpay tienes multiples maneras de obtener ganancias. Exitos y Felices ganancias
  8. Greetings, unfortunate friend, and thank you for advising us. That is the idea of sharing publications that help us not to waste our time and money online, very good that you present support from another page where it is evident that you are one of the good promoters and that it would be silly. with that number of referrals use bots therefore unless they have proof they should not block your account without the right to claim. Hopefully you can solve the situation.
  9. Saludos mi amigo bienvenido al foro asi mismo es esta pagina ofrece multiples formas de ganar ademas que tienes la ventaja de usarla como monedero y asi ir reuniendo tus ganancias de algunas ptc que paguen directo a Faucetpay e incrementar tu saldo a diario, las comisiones de retiro son realmente bajas ademas que puedes intercambiar tus monedas al instante. Exitos y felices ganancias.
  10. starwill

    Hi to all.

    Greetings welcome excellent comment always when entering a forum we must locate the rules to avoid being expelled or sanctioned in general they are the same rules applied in other known forums and as the useful contributions that are made are growing they are very valuable and appreciated. You can join the incentive program by making 10 useful posts and by following the rules you generate up to 1000 satoshis daily. Successes and happy earnings
  11. Greetings, excellent friend, that currency is the one that dominates the market, so gather as many as you can. This is here to stay. Successes and happy earnings
  12. Greetings friend, welcome to the forum, it is excellent that active members are incorporated daily, I hope you enjoy your stay, by the way, register in the incentive program, they pay 1000 satoshis for 10 useful publications and that they comply with the rules in the anchored message, they are the steps to follow. Successes and happy earnings
  13. Greetings very good friend, these coins are the ones that dominate the market and you have to collect as much as possible while you can. Successes and happy earnings
  14. Greetings friend, welcome to the forum, I hope you enjoy your stay and happy earnings. Remember to check the anchored message so that you participate in the incentive program for 10 useful publications you earn 1000 satoshis a day.
  15. The future appeal of cryptocurrencies is to allow people maximum control over their money with fast, secure, global transactions with lower fees. For citizens of third world countries, frequent victims of populist, totalitarian and corrupt governments, cryptocurrencies represent a great opportunity to remove their claws and interference from our lives. When cryptocurrencies are understood, valued and used correctly, an irreversible and fundamental transformation of the world economic system will begin.
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