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  1. Greetings if I understand the question you mean to withdraw the incentive payment for posting in the forum? If so, you have to put the BTC deposit address that appears in Faucetpay in the deposit section and there the payments reach your account.
  2. Greetings my friend that is correct you have to take care of what you generate online and your money and invest strategically since this is real but if you take forecasts you can lose everything. So the recommendation is to constantly prepare and learn as much as possible since that is what generates profit. Knowledge. Successes and Happy earnings my friend.
  3. Greetings friend in general, Doge is having a good time for all of us who are fans of this coin, it is time to collect the fruits and I had a long time waiting for this bullfight. Let's wait until a new maximum arrives. Successes and happy earnings
  4. Well before I start to explain something , let me tell you my experience when I was a beginner. I usually thought cryptocurrency world is just like quick money platform. Yes there are heavy profit in this market but a beginner not aware of scammers, who usually take the advantage of our greediness. So here is some tips that you can follow for your profit. 1. Never fall in any greediness trap deal , it can ruin your invested bitcoin 2. Do follow some good crypto youtuber , that will be very beneficial to you for updates. 3. Learn from others mistake. So that you will not have to do the same mistake. 4. Be always a learner in cryptocurrency world. 5. For trading , try to join some good channel which give more accurate signal s ( most of the channel are paid , if you want some suggestions about a free channel to join , which gives more accurate signal s ) because this is how you chase the big whales to get some profit. Big Whale s always try to manipulate the whole market. 6. Join some airdrop ( for beginners , if you have some time ) 7. Please stay away from mining platform ( because no one gonna give you free money in this cryptocurrency world). 8. Use this platform Faucetpay wisely. If you have any problem, any doubt , you can ask here to get the answer. This is how you can stay profitable. I told you from my experience , because these things I didn't aware of. And I don't want anyone to loose their hard worked money. Stay alert & stay profitable Thank you.
  5. Greetings friends, in my case I have 2 preferred currencies according to what I need. As number 1 I have the BTC but more than everything as a reserve. and for mobilization and commercialization I have the dogecoin the reason its value, cost of transactions and the speed with which they are processed, in addition to being accepted on multiple platforms.
  6. Greetings friend Welcome to the excellent recommendation forum since it is good to be up to date with the announcements and the changes that are made in order to take advantage of the alternatives that they offer us. Successes and happy earnings.
  7. Greetings friend, you must register in the tutorials section, there are the steps for you to register and you can receive the publication incentive.
  8. Congratulations, my friend, well deserved, his award, the truth that these are the benefits of daring and taking advantage of the opportunities. Acting where others think it is there where the benefits come. Successes and happy earnings
  9. Welcome all the members who want to join and win by sharing ideas, proposals and knowledge, best of all with the security that they will pay you if you follow the rules. Maybe they will activate another contest later, I was fortunate to be one of the winners and believe me it was worth it and the payment was instantaneous. Successes and happy earnings
  10. Dado que recientemente se creó una gran cantidad de plataformas de inversión, sentí que era necesario dar una pequeña advertencia a aquellos que son nuevos en el área de inversión o criptografía, en primer lugar, debe recordar que cualquier plataforma que promete darle un gran retorno en un corto período de tiempo es una estafa hasta que se demuestre lo contrario. Obviamente, no se puede lograr el 10% por día, así que no caiga en esos rendimientos, además de que solo invierta en plataformas que sean confiables y tengan una buena reputación, por ejemplo, cualquier oportunidad de inversión proporcionada por intercambios conocidos como Binance, kucoin, Yobit u otros intercambios conocidos pueden ser confiables, así que trate de atenerse a ellos para invertir en lugar de alguna plataforma de inversión aleatoria que acaba de encontrar en Twitter o algo así. Otra cosa importante es tener siempre en cuenta que la moneda que elija mantener e invertir, a menos que sea una moneda estable, puede tener una caída y una disminución del precio en el período de tiempo en el que está invertido, así que simplemente invierta en monedas estables o haga su propia diligencia debida y elija la mejor oportunidad de inversión, no necesariamente el mayor rendimiento.
  11. Before I Invest With Cryptoqurrency? 1. Check the overall contents of the project such as a team, road map, white paper, etc. 2. Check various features offered by the project such as privacy coins or decentralized coins. 3. Check how valuable the coins are or compare with other more popular coins. if the coins have potential, of course have a multi-professional team & the volume of coins always increases. 4. To be honest, the best coins to invest are the top coins or have been listed in the top 10 at CMC. 5. I suggest you invest in established coins rather than looking for very young and newly planted coins to invest. I say this because I personally don't have a high risk appetite, so it's better to invest safely .. how about you guys?
  12. 1. Are You trying to collect minimum withdrawal andchecking this site? Maybe with refferal's help? Good subject friend in my case when I get a new faucet I try to work it initially with the purpose of making withdrawals to see compliance in the payment and restrictions to proceed recommend it, generally I do not recommend it without having tried first I am like many number one enemy scam sites and we already know that those sites abound on the net.
  13. Greetings my good friend jjejej a way to help the forum while more users join equally excellent contributions I congratulate you. Successes
  14. Well, it is simple just by participating in the forum, providing 10 publications with useful information and validating following the rules, you can count on that additional income for the duration of the bonus campaign. Encourage and participate Success and Happy Profits.
  15. Compound interest applied to cryptocurrencies Compound interest is the interest calculated on the initial capital and also on the interest accumulated from previous periods of a deposit or loan. ... Compound interest can significantly boost return on investment over the long term. Has usado el interes compuesto? ¿tienes alguna estrategia para invertir tus ganancias?
  16. Greetings my friend, good recommendation you must dedicate yourself to collecting but at the same time take care of your profits and do not place it on scam pages. Successes and Happy Profits
  17. Greetings the truth that this page apart from that you receive the payment of some faucets that are paying very well, the earnings can be complemented with PTC that are paying directly to Faucetpay which is very good since it helps to increase the daily balance and prevents Let's waste time on pages that only accumulate balance and then do not end up paying. Successes and Happy Profits
  18. Greetings friend, it is good to see that every day more active members are added to the forum, in fact Faucetpay offers alternatives that I did not see in other micro wallets and that is why it positioned itself for a long time.
  19. Greetings most of the sites that promise to double your Bitcoin in 24 hours are scams so be very careful with the investments in those sites. I have seen some that pay the first to promote them and present proof of payment but in the end they end up leaving users with nothing.
  20. Asi es mi amigo no debemos apresurar las ganancias recuerda todo suma poco a poco se llega lejos. Aunque se que ganastes algo mas valioso y es experiencia. Exitos y Felices ganancias para la próxima.
  21. Excellent for that we are to help us. Successes and happy earnings.
  22. starwill


    Good recommendation, excellent page paying daily so far and the best thing of all is that you can assure you are withdrawing Faucetpay every time you reach 1000 satoshis. Successes and happy earnings
  23. Excellent friend, the best thing of all is to be able to generate profits online, each one devising a strategy and remembering that everything adds up to my strategy, I call it Constant Money thanks to a friend youtuber from whom I learned several tips in my early days. Successes and happy earnings.
  24. Convert Litecoin M-addresses to a more commonly accepted format. Many services and applications that accept and transfer LTC reject M addresses as invalid, despite the fact that Coinbase provides them. However, you can convert it to a prefix 3 address using https://litecoin-project.github.io/p2sh-convert/, a converter built by the Litecoin Foundation for this exact purpose.
  25. Very good suggestion, most of the sites offer this market both for sale and purchase and it would be good if Faucetpay considers it, although this option always has observations that some complain that the referrals do not produce profits, but I imagine that is everyone's decision. whether to buy or not.
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