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  1. Very good explanation, grateful I would only add that you have to be aware and verify the BTC address is correct to avoid inconvenience and loss of our earnings. Successes
  2. Winning with faucets has nothing to do with being a beginner or an advanced user. In fact, faucets have been created more for beginners to start earning cryptocurrencies. The amount of money you can earn from the taps depends on the amount of time per day you allot them and the number of taps you claim simultaneously. You must find a good micro wallet if you want to earn more on the keys because other keys have a high minimum withdrawal and it takes a long time before you collect enough cryptocurrency to reach that amount. If you claim 10 to 15 keys at the same time and repeat this process for 10 hours a day, you may be able to earn between $ 0.50 - $ 0.60 per day, depending on the bitcoin price. If bitcoin is below $ 10K, it will earn less than that. But it is already up to you to claim for ten hours! and you, how many hours do you dedicate?
  3. Likewise, friend, this site is one that is worth spending time because it helps you capitalize and learn at the same time.
  4. Greetings, excellent friend, BTC is the dad of cryptocurrencies and we must take advantage of gathering as much as possible before a bullfight comes again and raises its price again. Successes
  5. I recommend this page that is paying a day and best of all direct to Faucetpay. You have multiple ways to win https://litecoinads.com/default.aspx?u=34822
  6. Very good ideas and I even think I saw an option when the changes started that said investment although it was never active but was later removed from the menu. I imagine because that would give rise to verifications and validations and some people are not open to it. The interest on the balances would be ideal but I don't know how sustainable it would be for the page. Successes friend
  7. Greetings every beginning is a process, it is nice to get to know other active members, so we are strengthening the community. Success for everyone
  8. starwill

    Come on.

    Oops the losses are never usually pleasant but despite that you gain learning, which one? knowing when to stop, not getting carried away by the impulses of wanting to recover everything at once, since for the game you have to have a fresh mind and without anxiety. I hope you recover my friend. Successes
  9. In my case I accumulate BTC, LTC, Dogecoin and Dash since in my country they are easy to exchange and are received in establishments as part of payment.
  10. En este mundo de criptomonedas, lo que le genera la mayor ganancia es la paciencia ya que si no entra en pánico y no se desespera obtendrá grandes beneficios, si ya ha obtenido pérdidas será persistente para recuperarse y la pasión es lo que te llevará todos los días a creer que esto será posible.
  11. We must remember that the main idea of the forum is to build a community that is a reference in the subject of cryptocurrencies and everything related to the digital news presented by all these technological advances, in turn they offer an incentive for the time spent which It is an excellent opportunity, although the most valuable is what you can learn.
  12. I learned that mining can generate better income with cryptocurrency, and many traders say that commerce can generate a lot of income. What is your opinion?
  13. No soy un operador profesional, pero he aprendido un poco sobre el comercio, al menos uno de los puntos importantes en el comercio es comprender el riesgo y la recompensa, por ejemplo, el riesgo de perder es del 20% y el premio es del 60% , sabiendo que, cuando las monedas que tenemos bajan solo un 15 o 20%, no entramos en pánico, porque sabemos que el movimiento de la tabla irá allí, pero después de eso siempre habrá fluctuaciones más altas, esta es la ley de comercio, siempre subiendo y bajando. Esa es mi opinión, ¿qué hay de tu opinión?
  14. Very good strategy thanks for sharing in particular, I recommend spending a limited amount and not abusing the system since you can lose everything.
  15. Excellent recommendation I have it on my computer and it is possible to collect something daily and in this world of cryptocurrencies everything adds up. Successes
  16. I agree with you, friend, this site complements my strategy to collect coins, exchange them and take advantage of increasing with daily claims. One of the biggest advantages are the withdrawal fees that avoid losing part of what you have earned. Successes
  17. Greetings friend, the best thing when working online is to use reliable sites and Faucetpay complies with that in addition to offering multiple ways to earn. Successes
  18. Excellent the good thing about binary trading in Faucetpay is that you will have the certainty that you will get paid to win, of course, remember that it is also possible that you lose everything, a point to keep in mind. After losing there is no return of money.
  19. Binary trading is a good way to try your luck for those who like financial adrenaline, just keep in mind to allocate funds that you are willing to lose. He who does not risk does not win, just do not risk too much.
  20. Welcome greetings that is what we need new users who want to join and participate. Success for you
  21. Eso es correcto aqui en Faucetpay todo suma y lo mejor es que se une al saldo que reunes en las faucet, por tanto ayuda en la recolección diaria sin esos problemas de algunas PTC que son estafas (scam) y que debes tardar semanas para poder obtener las ganancias. Asi que 100% recomendado hacerlas las visitas a diario.
  22. Excelente mi amigo un gusto tenerlo en la comunidad, donde ademas de ganar ahora podemos compartir conocimientos y estrategias. Saludos
  23. Muchas gracias en verdad un placer contribuir a la comunidad de Faucetpay e impulsar esta excelente propuesta.
  24. Excelente, ya que la fuerza de este mundo de criptomonedas es mantenerse informado, crear una comunidad que respalde lo nuevo, con información veraz y actualizada.
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