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  1. At least when a proposal is far from reality with unsustainable percentages it is an indication of a scam, if something is too good to be true it usually is not.
  2. Excellent this forum is setting the standard for all those who start in the cryptocurrencies giving the opportunity to learn and win at the same time, that costs to get it elsewhere, because maybe there are other forums but already with trajectory and its rules for novices It is difficult to adapt, excellent opportunity grateful to the administration.
  3. Excellent exchanges I use Binance for its rates and volume of trade, but apart from that I recommend Yobit since you can take advantage of its system, also that you can market with little capital is ideal for beginners. And at least I found the support very useful, I had two problems and they answered me and solved very quickly.
  4. The opportunities must be taken advantage of, this is one of the benefits of cryptocurrencies that allow you to receive rewards for simple actions or for participating if you follow the instructions you will receive benefits. So cheer up.
  5. Well friend, I am going to try it and I will affiliate with your link, we hope it lasts and we can make profits, a site with similarities to freebitcoin all adds up. Successes
  6. Excellent the truth that site has a good time online and allows you to win satoshis without so much pleasure, I recommend it because when combined with Faucetpay it is very useful because you can withdraw with a low commission or exchange for another cryptocurrency which is beneficial.
  7. Excellent was the first site that I started using when I started cryptocurrencies as well as many I recommend it for the trajectory it has online supporting the ups and downs of bitcoin.
  8. Bienvenidos amigos a Faucetpay este sitio que ofrece la oportunidad de colectar monedas y posee múltiples formas de ganar, si eres de los que busca ganancias sin invertir este es un buen sitio para que vayas reuniendo monedas, con bajas comisiones de retiro y buen nivel de seguridad lo que es muy importante cuando trabajas en la red.
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