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  1. The system is usually in favour of the house
  2. I think I will say ethereum or ripple at this point.
  3. Trading is better if you are looking at developing a skull that you can improve upon and have a future with. Mining is okay if you have the capital to invest in the electricity etc and also the patience need to actually start making profit.
  4. Cool. But here is my take on it, while the benefit of mining with your own equipment is energy consuming among other things compared to mining with a company that has already set-up rigs, the risk involved in mining with some company (i.e. say when the company suddenly closes up and disappears with your money etc) cannot be compared to the piece of mind of mining yourself howbeit slow and not as profitable. In addition there is no guarantee that the company is real too
  5. Sorry about that. Have you tried contacting support? Maybe they can help
  6. After you withdrew your first I think, 1000 sat, you were asked to upgrade right? Did you and how did it go from there? Or have they change their mode of operation.
  7. Most of them if not all are just scams. Better do adequate background check
  8. I don't think crash is a good way to profit. Lost most of my bitcoins to the game with just one win
  9. Ria21


    Good morning. Sorry, its a scam. Check for reviews of others online first.
  10. 4 coins you should have in your portfolio are: Bitcoin Ethereum-you can't go wrong with ether Litecoin Ripple. This is my opinion. What's yours?
  11. I think It has saved practically everyone using it because it is available and accessible practically globally especially with the ease with which you can transfer money. It has also created opportunities for small online business to tribe especially with websites that are into advertising.
  12. It's true as long as you follow the rules, they are true to their word
  13. Yeah, that's true because how do you determine whether a currency will rise or fall under 60 Sec? You must likely will do guess work to trade which will come under gambling
  14. The site is ok but has so much redirections and popups
This is a simple cybertext
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