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  1. Earn bitcoin by looking at ads (they are renewed every 5 hours), doing tasks, more than 20 short links where you will earn more than 4 satoshis for each one and much more. I invite you to explore with your own eyes and see this page. You can withdraw satoshis at least 1000! You can make withdrawals from FaucetPay.io (recommended) https://bitclix.io/register.aspx?u=40277
  2. Obtenga satoshis jugando juegos divertidos, una vez que llegue a satoshis, desbloqueará los boletos del sorteo del premio gordo todas las semanas. ¡Si tocas el número '777' ganarás el premio completo! http://tomygame.com/?ref=Marcone22
  3. Es cierto amigos míos, quiero dejarles mi pequeña experiencia en Trading de Faucetpay.io. Comencé apostando 10 satoshis y veía pequeñas ganancias, hasta que empecé a apresurarme a querer ganar más y terminé perdiendo más de 500 satoshis muy tontamente.. Les dejo el consejo de que sean perseverantes, no pierdan la paciencia como dice nuestro amigo @starwill es mejor ganar de a pocas porciones que perder todas nuestras ganancias con el tiempo que hemos dejado en ella. Les mando un abrazo y viva la comunidad FaucetPay!
  4. Start mining with this free mining network, you can mining every 1 hour from 1 satoshi onwards. 24 rounds for 24 hours. You can play multiply, and several other games. Start this adventure and spend your free time earning satoshis. https://bitshark.io/r/229178
  5. This new airdrop will be giving you $ 11 USD in ETH to withdraw after July 20, for now it does not ask for verification. You must register and bear in mind that you cannot forget the password, since you will not be able to recover it. Join our rewards campaign and earn up to 0.1 ETH Advertise your referral link and get for every registered user - 0.005 ETH https://vizercoin.com/?p=29392 Facebook Rewards Campaign - 0.05 ETH Twitter Rewards Campaign - 0.05 ETH
  6. Generate Rubles with this mining page. Requirements? Get a Payeer account to withdraw, you can withdraw by Qiwi or by VISA credit card. It's automatic mining, that means you don't have to have the page open. Generate FREE Rubles! You can generate 10% daily interest, for that you have to invest. Then I leave the link to register https://karab.fun/?ref=38614
  7. Generate free mining rubles, every 10 rubles you will get $ 0.16 USD. You do not need to have the page open, it is automatic and free mining. You have to make an account in Payeer (without verifying if you want) LINK https://botcoins.club/?ref=3149 LINK
  8. 5 free bitcoin every 7 minutes. With your bitcoin address faucetpay.io you can now participate, no registration required. You can have 20% more profit with the referral link (it is obtained after making the first claim) http://i-bits.io/?r=39yKqi6h77DpudPs9bp8dK2DaqK7R3omds It is very important that you do not try to use any IP changer, proxy or vpn. Otherwise they could ban them.
  9. That's right .. I bring you another method to gain satoshi, this time from 5 to 100 satoshi every 7 minutes. Just put your bitcoin address from faucetpay.io http://gobits.io/?r=39yKqi6h77DpudPs9bp8dK2DaqK7R3omds PLEASE, READ Automated software and VPN, VPS or Proxy connections are NOT allowed on GoBits! Be sure not to use any of these prohibited connections; otherwise, you risk being excluded.
  10. Claim satoshi every 8 minutes from this page, you can put your bitcoin address from FaucetPay.io http://starbits.io/ No proxy or VPN IP change is allowed.
  11. Good site, pay and it's safe. The latter is very important since there are many insecurities on the internet when talking about bitcoin. Thanks for the recommendation to everyone!
  12. Earn sasotshis every 6 minutes without registering, just enter your Bitcoin address from FaucetPay.io ----> click here to start this adventure http://fautsy.com/?r=39yKqi6h77DpudPs9bp8dK2DaqK7R3omds Important Automated programs and VPN, VPS or Proxy connections are NOT allowed on Fautsy! Be sure not to use any of these prohibited connections; otherwise, you risk being excluded.
  13. Always with you partner, due to these recommendations that you bring (new by the way) every day, you facilitate me to collect many crypto. I consider this page in 2nd place under FaucetPay, since it is very easy to win with it. I recommend it 100%. Thanks to you, there goes my Like (Y)
  14. I don't know Let me add that you need at least 0.00100000 to withdraw, that is to say that with 9 referrals you get 100,000 satoshis (10 USD) It is a limited offer, as you say, partner, the users must be clearly new. A divine adventure awaits us
  15. Earn satoshis or other currencies with Faucet Crypto from this link register https://www.faucetcrypto.com/ref/309049 what is this place? This website is a multi coin faucet which gives users a way to earn some cryptocoins by completing tasks. You will be able to earn Bitcoin and altcoins by using our service. Where do i get paid? Almost all cryptocurrencies have a direct withdrawal method. For BTC or ETH, users must have a Faucetpay.io (FP) micro-wingmaster account and have linked their wallet address to it. Using the same wallet address allows users to withdraw it to their preferred micropolar account.
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