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  1. Because there is no available guide how to create faucet using the wordpress faucet plugin i write guide in CryptoDirectories if anyone have some question just contact me. Cheers Crypto faucet Guide Demo Faucet : Crypto Directories Faucet
  2. nagsulat ako ng guide pano mag setup ng crypto faucet gamit yung wordpress faucet plugin baka may interesado.
  3. I make a step by step guide on how create your own faucet using faucetpay wordpress faucet plugin Demo : Crypto Directories Faucet
  4. CryptoDirectories Faucet - Get Up to 100 Satoshi Every 5 Minutes Im open for partnership in other Bitcoin Faucet owner If you add my faucet in your list i also add you in my Bitcoin Faucet List Your faucet will also included in my Bitcoin Directory Please comment the link of your faucet and the link of my faucet in your Website
  5. pag mas maliit kinkita mo sa ads dapat mo gawin is babaan mo ung reward mo per claim ang sinasabi ko na faucet list with referral is ung tulad nito https://cryptodirectories.com/faucets tapos lalagay mo ung faucet mo sa pinaka una ung ads mo na a-ads mas ok yan pag isa lang try mo isa lang na a-ads para sa buong website lagay mo sa pinaka taas pwede ka gumamit ng iba ads wag lang same ng a-ads Pwede mag pop up kaso isa lang basta di makakasagabal sa user like pop up na mag new new tab lang or new window yung sa iba kasi nag new tab ung faucet mismo while ung page is mag direct sa referral page
  6. @winky47 goodluck din . isa ka ba sa may ari ng faucetpay? pinoy ba may ari ng faucetpay? @khryzzie baka wala ka pa bitcoin wallet basa ka muna dito https://cryptodirectories.com/learn-bitcoin#chapter2 then ung bitcoin address na makikita mo sa bitcoin wallet link mo sa faucetpay account mo dito https://faucetpay.io/page/user-admin/linked-addresses then ung bitcoin address na nilink mo ung gagamitin mo sa faucet @botikol ung theme is kahit ano gamitin mo tapos ung registration dinadagdag lang un gamit plugin pero ok na naman yun faucet na wala login .. dogecoin kasi ung faucet mo lipat ka bitcoin faucet tapos gawa ka ng bitcoin faucet list ung may referral ka hanapin mong faucet is ung wala pop up or atleast isa lang tapos lagay mo sa pinakauna ung faucet mo then share mo sa social media group.
  7. ang gamit ko din dyan is yung wordpress faucet plugin .. yung faucet bitcoin address lang ng naka link sa faucetpay pero yung website ko meron log in para sa diretcory at comment nga lang..
  8. ok na ung faucet ko na try ko na madali lang pala i set up https://cryptodirectories.com/faucet pa add nalang sa list niyo sa faucetpay Thanks
  9. You can try the faucet script using wordpress it will look like this : https://cryptodirectories.com/faucet you just need to fill up the setting and add your faucetpay api then add the shortcode in a page then its done! Goodluck
  10. its not a good idea to make a faucet using free hosting or i dont know if its possible if you want to lessen the expenses you can use free domain from freenom the consequence of free domain is you cant post the direct link in some popular forums but you need to buy your own hosting because free hosting have capped and usually faucet get lot of visitors once you reach the capped the website will not be accessible or you will need to buy their hosting to continue your website
  11. hello everyone im the owner of Crypto Directories i just discover faucetpay today while setting up a-ads in my website i thought that faucet is long dead but discover today that im wrong because there is still a lot of available faucet im planning to add faucet in my website its run by wordpress but im a little bit hesitant because i didnt see any tutorial about it or some working faucet that using wordpress script if you know any faucet that using the wordpress script please let me know so i can get some idea Thanks
  12. May nakapag try na ba sa inyo ng script ng faucetpay na wordpress meron kasi ako website Crypto Directories gamit ko jan is wordpress balak ko maglagay ng faucet kaso di ako sure kung gagamitin ko is ung wordpress kasi wala ako makita tutorial at di ko pa alam itsura pag yun ang ginamit ko meron ba sa inyo may ari ng faucet gamit script ng faucetpay pasilip naman para makakuha lang ng idea
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