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  1. This site seems legit ! Do you have any payment proofs?
  2. I have been around the forum for one or two weeks now. However, I do not notice any ways to rank up my forum rank and my current rank is only newbie Can someone teach me some ways to rank up Do not want to be a newbie rank trying to help people out.
  3. While I do not know if the fee is perm here at faucetpay but I believe that is due to the recent deFI boom which caused ETH transaction fees to skyrocket. So they bumped up their transaction charge in response or they will be eating up too much additional transaction fees. Hopefully ETH2.0 will solve the transaction fees problem tho.
  4. Yes. If i'm not wrong bitcoin too! They only accept legacy addresses but not segwit. Simply hit up an opensource address converter website and plug the address in then you're fine to go.
  5. Even Elon Musk started tweeting about DOGECOIN. Future CEO incoming, to the moon !
  6. “You can’t always visualize the reward, but you can believe in the sacrifice if the vision is strong enough.” – Don Connelly
  7. Gambling is gambling ! Remember only stake the amount you can afford to lose
  8. You don't remember the twitter hack on bitcoin scam don't you. Don't fall for it . Just think this one statement before trusting anybody : " What can they earn from it"? If they are able to generate double bitcoins in a day, they will not need to make such a hassle to create a website and collect bitcoins from others. He can simply leverage any amount of money from everyone, doubling it , returning it. I believe in a matter of months he will have more than 21million bitcoins, richer than Jeff Bezos lol
  9. You can earn as long as you don't spam unproductive posts and bring value to the forum
  10. There are a lot of scam sites online. Do check their ratings before trusting them with your time and funds at sites like https://foxyrating.com/en/
  11. They offer tons of various coins to be selected too. Clean and smooth site. Recommended
  12. $35 is so much to be given away without any requirements. I do not think it is sustainable, can you explain about it more?
  13. Just like trading I say ! Short term trades are very risky. Binaries are risky, so do margin trades. Still, some people win big money on them by performing analyses like technical analysis, using indicators to predict the movement of the market.
  14. If you like passive income. You can consider Tezos, Cosmos , Neo and various other staking cryptos too!
  15. Some may not even have miner too, straight up just ponzi schemes, stop getting scammed by these cloud mining shits ! ONLY FEW of them are true sites and even so they cannot generate you 999% return in 3 days
This is a simple cybertext
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