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  1. Miło widzieć W sumie, sam tak na chwilkę zajrzałem z ciekawości, czy forum w ogóle się jakoś jeszcze trzyma ^^ samemu trochę mnie tu nie było
  2. Does Anyone has similar problems with coinpot? Im asking, because they had introduce vip rewards with up to 52 % apy if hodling more than 500$. 52% its pretty much, so i need info if they are full legit. Im using this site for about 4 month, so i dont know all about them
  3. Hello guys I want to show You faucet which is not New, but its not most popular. Its btcmaker, where You can claim free bitcoin every 1 hour. At The start, its 15 satoshi every hour, so its not so much (there is more payable faucets but...) And now - the best. If You want to gamble you can do it there with few provably games. Playing a games are increasing your level and with upper level you are claiming more satoshi lifetime. I was wagering this, what i was claiming in faucet and after week i got 4 level and im able to claim 150 satoshi every hour. There is more level and one the last you will be able to claim 55k satoshi every hour (think its can be about 50$ daily) https://btcmaker.io/?ref=Timo123
  4. Oh, i was thinking about that, but i want sure and dont want to check (last days im really rare switching my computer on) Thanks for advice, i will Register today
  5. Its could be good suggestion. Make an ethereum adress like others to Deposit its can be good for people who dont have metamask wallet as me for example
  6. Thanks for answer Unlucky, i cant Register into this forum, because there is "acces denied" appearing when i try. I have tried few times during last two days, but its still this same problem
  7. Hello 1k satoshi per post its really High paying. Thanks for info. Is it paying in btc or something like their token?
  8. Hello guys Im seeing silence at the forum and i want to try mobilize members to discuss. But for first, we have to mobilize members to become active. So i took idea, maybe someone will play a game, i dont have idea whats exactly, but maybe something like assosciate game or something other. Im opened for ideas
  9. Hello im very glad that the campaign is running again I remember that You was quite active member What are You doing now, how your earnings? Are You still using Your faucets?
  10. Its very Nice idea many people like this game I think, its can be very profitable for many users and can help You get even more new users, so i will wait for it
  11. Im also collecting btc in most. Little bch and ltc. Btc not because its most expensive crypto, but i think that bitcoin faucet are higher payable in long term use
  12. I will paste full list of legit faucets im collecting every 1 hour. 1. https://freebitco.in/?r=18595042 - best faucet since 2013. Every 1 hour you can earn up to 200$ in btc. Multiply game and many bonuses and contest. Additionaly you install bot which will earn btc even when you are sleeping. 2. https://moremoney.io/?ref=52093 - faucet every 1 hour, up to 0.05 btc, ptcs, shortlinks, contest and more. 3. https://althub.club/r/50347 - faucet, every 30 minutes earning points, withdraw in many alts or in btc. 4. https://bitshark.io/r/76737 - take a part in mining. Every 1 hour earn up to 0.1 btc, average 25-40 satoshis, many gambling games and Cloud mining. 5. btc777.in/account/create?r=12575 - one of the oldest faucets, just login and take 18-18000 satoshis every 30 minutes. 6. - - 7. https://btcmaker.io/?ref=Timo123 - 15 sato every hour, possibilty to make levels and earn even 55k satoshi every hour. 8. https://www.faucetcrypto.com/ref/65761 - earning points and withdraw to faucetpay every Day, faucet every 30 min, many ptcs and shortlinks
  13. Hello there is one idea i got today after Look at forum. In profile section, there is a number which show how many content make each user. I think there should be added something like statistic page about content every day, week or month There are some pluses like easier to manage own content or following content of other users. And some negatives like some users can stop writing after 10 posts, but they can also manually count how much they wrote, so its not negative at all. Im open to discuss this idea
  14. Timo123

    Come on.

    After all this Time, i lost again and actually i said stop I heared your advice and im starting to take control my emotions
  15. Dziwne stronka zaproponowała mi 0.1 ltc na start jeśli zainstaluje jakiś dodatek, który pobrał mi się w tle. "Client.exe" nie wygląda zbyt dobrze
This is a simple cybertext
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