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    Im done

    Bro I wish you good luck and I believe you stand by your words.one thing I discovered about gambling is that no guarantee in this game you may loose or you may win
  2. Have been playing hilo game for sometime now but I couldn't comprehend how it works or fashion out guarantee strategy to win this game the way I want it. Can anyone help me out with the best suitable for this game
  3. Why don't you try luno wallet you can easily sell your cryptocurrencies their what you need to do is to transfer the coin into the wallet them sell but the shortcoming of this wallet is that they deal with 5 cryptocurrencies like btc, eth, BCH, xrp, litecoin
  4. Thanks for the information but the information isn't complete because you never mentioned the minimum withdrawal all you posted is payment is instant
  5. In my own opinion for now it may be impossible to earn such amount without investment but you can still earning token through PTC sites faucet
  6. This is good news to all user oof this forum the forum will lighten up again thanks to the management team of this awesome forum
  7. Iny own opinion I believe they limited the coverage due to security reasons.i think people from Africa region can't trade in that wallet apart from storing their cryptocurrency because this also affect me I can only store cryptocurrency there but I can't trade
  8. That is one thing about binary the risk involved in binary is high that is why once you don't have the indepth knowledge of how it works stay away so that you don't end loosing money
  9. I really can't figure out what could be the cost but lately the price for eth. Is now more than BCH and even some of the faucet don't want to pay with eth due to transaction fee
  10. Bro this mining site you trying to advertise will end up been a scam because virtual all mining sites are nothing but a scam time will tell
  11. Gbekeloluwa


    Bro I don't trust any mining site for now unless they redeem their image . Of late I discovered most of the mining sites are scam and once you are investing in them you are doing that at your own peril
  12. That is their latest strategy for scaming people of the effort when you start referring they never block you but when they discovered that your earnings grew they gave flimsy excuse.
  13. Bro thanks for the information but the link is missing besides what is the minimum withdrawal on this site before I venture into the aite
  14. There are a lot of things you can learn on this forum and apart from learning you can also earn on this forum that is why I called it forum for learning and earning
  15. I don't get your message are you talking about bitcoin gambling or ways to earn bitcoin in faucetpay I really can't phantom what you are driving at because the topic is saying different things from the body of the message
  16. One thing with gambling is that some days things will go wrong while other days luck might be smiling on your but no guarantee of you winning all the time as you wining always prepare for the worst day of loosing
  17. Most the gamer that went into gambling never went there with the mindset of making it big in one bet (greed) and not with investment mindset that makes it difficult to see it as an investment
  18. The strategy look nice at least one can get back it stake
  19. Two days ago I came across the word Playline when dig further I discovered it has to do with slot game but am not clear about it can someone shed more light on it
  20. Sorry for your loss this is normal when you talk about gambling because gambling is a game full of uncertainty which means you don't control on what the outcome will be
  21. Bro thanks for the information I just started using discord some days ago but I never knew such thing go on on discord BM once again thank you
  22. Sorry for the loss.that is the problem with some of the site.there was one site like that I made a withdrawal and it has been marked as paid but the btc never arrived in my wallet
  23. Gbekeloluwa


    Bro the link you paste is missing please help repost the link so that I can check it out
  24. Faucetpay pay stands out from the crowd apart of been a micro wallet provide it also gives the user the opportunity to make extra income at the pleasure time . faucetpay you the bomb
  25. Gbekeloluwa


    I must confess the topic of the subject matter doesn't correlate with the body of the message I can hardly pinpoint a single point from what is posted here
This is a simple cybertext
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