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  1. Hello! I ordered ads today, everything is ok but ... Could You add section where I can see statistics of ads, something like advertising panel. Thank You in advance. Sincerely,Vladimir.
  2. In This case, FaucetPay will be The Most popular platform in the world. Many people will come from trading platforms, I am sure.
  3. New high Paying Faucet with additional opportunities for earnings. Daily Instant Payments, minimum is 100 sats via FaucetPay. https://supersurf.io/ref/VladimiG
  4. Thank You for explaining. If I understood right I just need to earn enough power and the satoshi will be added automatically to balance.
  5. I have registered in rollercoin, trying to understand the game... One question: is it possible to claim there from smartphone? I use smartphone and that's why many faucets are not convenient for me. I prefer sites like adbtc... Coinadster and other similar where I can earn additionally by viewing ads and completing offers and tasks...
  6. May I advise one Amazing site where You earn in $$ and withdraw in BTC. There are a incredibly many Bonuses including cash and ad credits. And Admin's main job is Aurora Coderz. Maybe You know they develop legit scripts for sites. There are monthly payments. And if You will decide to join I can explain how to earn there,even without referrals, about 10$+= 0.001 BTC ( according to current price) monthly. And there a lot of ways to promote another sites just for Bonuses You will get ( absolutely no need to invest in order to promote) http://www.appleptc.info/index.php?ref=VladimiG
  7. Is it really paying faucet? or it's gambling? I'll check if I haven't registered yet then I will use Your link. My opinion, nowadays it's time to earn Crypto and hold and wait for increasing price
  8. I hope some day I will... maybe when price of bitco will increase till 100000$
  9. Oh, I like Poland! And Yes, I know that our languages are similar in many cases. When I played chess,our team was going to go to Your Country to take part in tournament...but it was in 199... and those days some events had happened in Russia. So That trip was cancelled... And when we prepared to trip, our coach told us a lot about Your Country.
  10. Hello! Thank You Very Much for Your words! It's so Kind! And learning languages is an Excellent Hobby (I think). But... be ready, to meet some difficulties in Russian's words endings : we have differences when we say about he and she (did).. in our language : он сделал but она(she) сделала. "а" was added. Good Luck, Strong Health and Happy Earnings!
  11. Hello! New Very interesting site. You can claim 5-220 satoshi every hour, view PTC ads and surf ads,visit shortlinks and complete offers. Instant Payment via FaucetPay!(You can request daily). Very Low minimum Payout (100 satoshi). If You want to support me, join here https://supersurf.io/ref/VladimiG
  12. Hello! I often see this faucet in ads but... I am a bit confused when faucets copy famous faucet. So, could I ask You? Have You ever got paid? If it's paying I am ready to sign up using Your link. Thank You in advance.
  13. Hello,EveryOne! My real name is Vladimir and I am from Russia,Ural. I'm interested in earning Crypto, so I think, FaucetPay is just "Must Have" for those who earn Crypto! And to say the truth, I like FaucetPay most of all! Moreover, I removed most of other micro wallets because of this platform is most convenient for me and gives opportunities to earn here! Good Luck and Strong Health! Happy Earnings!
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