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  1. Hi my self honny iam really glad to join this community, through this community I improve my crypto knowledge, because in this forum worldwide members working and regularly they are posting their crypto experience, its really useful for us.
  2. Few months back bitcoin halving completed but still we can't see bull run, like 2016 bitcoin halving after bitcoin reach all time high 20000$ prices,but in this year why we can't see that type pump and what you thinks in this year last bitcoin reach 20k$ prices?
  3. Pls help me I didn't found my, uid in this forum can anyone find pls informed me
  4. You earned good reputation but why my post earned any reason can you explain me
  5. I check your given link I think they are gave as referrel earning and what ever we do activities then they paid right thanks to share this earning opportunity.
  6. Thanks mate to provide this earning opportunity I always search online earnings thanks my friend
  7. This forum providing good feature then why my forum Friend's misusing this forum great opportunity pls write.proper topics, this forum provided so many language its a great great opportunity for us hope everyone understand and help this community growth.
  8. What faucet pay starts pay per post campaign, wow what a great opportunity for us to earn free bitcoins, but what terms and condition apply anyone help me
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