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  1. If you use Faucetpay API to pay the members, you can make a post in Faucet Section of this forum (created for faucet owners) then you have the access to post the link to the telegram group where you will get the direct audience , interested to claim. P,s you can mention your faucet to me too if its high rewarding.
  2. HI Really a nice site, I got my payout for many times, 100% Legit, P,S. you read the forum rules well, that you posted your ref link in right section, But missing the point the payment proof is also required to make the post complete. hope you will provide the proofs of your payout to make it worthy for the viewers to join with you.
  3. Hi all, I wish i can edit the main Post, But unluckily this option is not yet issued. Do making the update by posting in comments section. as you guys have read the above conversation, their is a change in accordance to react the posts, NOW only two options are available to react. How to access the reaction tabs is clear /stated in main post, So we can just discuss the selection of your reaction. 1) Like, Select this if you like 2) Dislike, Select this if you Dislike. here is the Screen shot for your easy understanding. Hope to get your reactions , instead of spamming.
  4. Hi, Not only you but i hope the others will also get help from your tip .. Nice work.
  5. did you tested the above said way to upload the image on forum OR You wont like to share the images to the forum?
  6. HI, Just came to know that many of the members from this forum are wondering about the picture sharing , as they dont know how to insert the Image URL, Actually they dont know how to create the image URL (from their saved pictures), Here is the step by step Guidance for them, One thing, Guys mostly we do share the Screen Shots from the webpages (usually payouts/some problems from features), So better to start with taking the Screen Shot. you can find the ways in below post So now as you have saved the image in your hard, you will have to upload to image to any of the picture sharing websites to create the image url. You can find many websites by google search or just by clicking HERE I normally use this website : https://imgbb.com/ So would like to detailed the way from imgbb.com and here we go Click on above link and create your account (by click Create account on top right corner of the website) After Log-in , Click on Upload as under Then Click on Browse from your computer Select the file from your hard-drive location and Click upload. Once your file is uploaded 100% , Go to Embed Code and Choose the Direct Link Option to Get the URL of the image you want to Share. Simply Click the Copy to Copy the link and return to the Forum. On the Forum you can see the Tab to INster the Image from URL , click that button and Paste your address in pop-up window and Click on the insert url. Your image is now LIVE to view. Happy Posting . P>S : Like the post if you think is USEFUL to you.
  7. How to take the Screen Shot. Option 1, First, you need to locate the Prt Scrn button on your keyboard. This stands for Print Screen, and is usually located on the right hand side of a standard keyboard, just above the Insert, Home and Page Up keys. However, if you have a laptop, the Prt Scrn button can be hard to locate. Look in the very top right of your keypad. Not only that, you may have to hold down your laptop's function key first, which is usually found in the bottom left of the keypad. Press the Print Screen button once on a PC, or use the Function Key > Print Screen combination on a laptop. This will copy whatever you see on your screen to the computer's memory. Once the screen is in the computer's memory it can be pasted into an image editor for manipulation. Option 2 If the above mentioned way doesnt work, as some windows installed incompletely, then you can install the tool from HERE after installation, just follow the steps in option 1. thats all
  8. Hi Kadriana, Its been great to know that you have withdrawn your payout from Forumbonus network, you can share your image (Screenshot) as a proof of payout here, to encourage the team and to motivate the members of the forum in participating the forum activities. Here is my Payout Screen shot. i just made the 17 Useful posts and got paid. Happy Postings....
  9. Your Question is answered in an other post. have a look and you can communicate through messenger with @SpiderUser, he is one of the Staff to make it sure that your posts will be paid, If qualify for the payments. يتم الرد على سؤالك في وظيفة أخرى. إلقاء نظرة ويمكنك التواصل من خلال برنامج المراسلة معSpiderUser ، فهو أحد الموظفين للتأكد من دفع مشاركاتك ، إذا كان مؤهلاً للدفع.
  10. your words are wise. here is the way you can help quality posts to be in demand, avoiding spams on it. All you have to do is REACT as you feel. Of if you have some concern regarding the topic of the post you can comment and deliver your post. For just appreciation your REACT will be enough to the post makers. i hope you understand the way from below post. Looking for your kind reaction , if you feel the posts helpful .
  11. حسنًا ، هل قمت بالتسجيل في شبكة المنتدى ، يرجى قراءة المنشور أدناه ، سيساعدك التسجيل في شبكة المنتدى. بمجرد قيامك بالتسجيل ، ستتمكن من الحصول على المدفوعات مقابل مشاركاتك. ضع في اعتبارك أيضًا أن مجرد النشر لن يؤدي إلى الحصول على أموال. يجب عليك اتباع قواعد المجموعة أثناء المنشورات والتعليقات. * يجب أن تكون مشاركاتك 50+ في الكلمات ، * يجب أن يكون في القسم الأيمن من المنتدى. * لا البريد المزعج * لا إساءة * يجب أن تكون عضوًا في شبكة مكافأة المنتدى. hsnana , hal qumt bialtasjil fi shabakat almuntadaa , yrja qira'at almanshur 'adnah , sayasaeiduk altasjil fi shabakat almuntadaa. bimajrad qiamik bialtasjil , satatamakan min alhusul ealaa almadfueat mqabl musharakatik. dae fi aietibarik aydana 'ana mjrd alnashr ln yuadiy 'iilaa alhusul ealaa 'amwalin. yjb ealayk aitibae qawaeid almajmueat 'athna' almanshurat waltaeliqat. * yjb 'an takun musharakatik 50+ fi alkalimat , * yjb 'an yakun fi alqism al'ayman min almuntadaa. * la albarid almazeaj * la 'iisa'a * yjb 'an takun edwana fi shabakat mukafa'at almuntadaa.
  12. Hi Logimax, Hope you are doing best with your life details, I have notice some Spelling Mistakes in your comments, (Just for the sake of your correction) Please make the correction accordingly, Best Tip For you: "Always Type your Comments / Posts in Microsoft Word, Make the Spell Check and Simply Copy Paste here in the forum. " Hope you will not take it personally, Regarding the Issue that you didn't receive your rewards for the posting: There are some rules / Standard to check by the Forum Staff and let the post/comment qualify for rewards, Here is the the short briefing, Posts Must be of 50+ Words, Posts must be useful / contain quality stuff / understandable to members. Posts must be in appropriate section of forum No Spamming No abusing and the most important is that you are registered on Forum Bonus Network. Please take a look above and check which of the part is missing with your posts/comments, If you think that you took Care of all the above said parameters and Considers that your work must be approved for the rewards, Do Contact with @SpriderUser He is the Forum Mod. and Can solve your issues. Do you know How to message him , If not please do read the below guidance to act accordingly. Best wishes.
  13. Hello, Forum is place where every thing is discussed in detail, So replying with words like Very Good, Congrates, Thanks, Sad, Confusing, Etc. Is Called spamming in the Forums, To avoid such spam posts, this forum is providing an alternate to deliver your essentials. here is the way. At the end of every post, you will find a tab/button with heart shape. (like showing below) All you have to do is ... TAP this button, you will find differ emoji's as under Heart Shape is for the posts you Like, Select this if you like my Post. Sad Emoji is for the posts that you feel are poor in description, Select this if you feel poor my post. Confused Emoji is for the posts that make you confused in understanding the matter. Select if you feel so. Laughing Emoji is for the posts that present fun to you . Select if you find the funny here . Winning Trophy Emoji is for the posts you feel to say Thanks for sharing. Select this for my post if you feel thanks. I hope you guys will stop spamming the forum after reading this and will start your reaction from this post.
  14. Hi Guys, Many of the People are new here, wondering just how to post the URL Links and format IT in a way that it does not visible being a URL to the viewers but clickable to access the desired link (might be ref-link) . Here is the Key to DO THIS. - We have to utilize the Formatting Bar for this purpose (you can see above to your writing area) it looks like as under You have to click on Chain-like icon (Circled in the image above) A Pop up window will open as under Type your URL Link in First Line Type the words you like to show in the post in 2nd line and click on insert into post As you can see ... i have made in the image the resulted Link will show you like this .... FORUM BONUS NETWORK P,S LIKE THE POST IF YOU FOUND IT HELPFUL TO YOU.
  15. hi, Just follow the steps, mentioned in post, all will be clear to you. Or let me know which portion is not yet clear to make it more detailed for you. If you have some kind of language problem, you can write in your native lang, i will translate for you.
  16. hi, Not only to post..... But you have to post the quality stuff, Useful posts will count to pay. Posts words must be more then 50 Posts must be in appropriate section/catagory No Spaming No abusing More over you must register on forum bonus network to get paid , and that you will withdraw your posts earning to your faucetpay wallet. here is the guideline to get register and withdraw. Happy Posting...
  17. Hi All, Well, just accessed the payout section and made a successful withdrawal from faucetpay forum-bonus network, Its been great to be a part of this forum as we are getting paid while delivering our experience and expressions, So be a part, make some Useful posts in appropriate category, Let the others Know your experiences with faucetpay's listed faucets and other earning sources and GET Paid for your knowledge. Here is my withdrawal proof. Keep Supporting by like the post .
  18. Thanks Both the guys for delivering their thoughts, i hope that tik tok show will bring results.
  19. hi, Please read the main post carefully , and let me know which portion you didn't understand, i be happy to assist you with your earning opportunity here in Forum. Further more their is an option to start the Chat with-in the forum members, you can Chat with me directly using that option, If you dont know how to make a chat with Forum members, here is the guideline for you. Looking forward to be in touch with you soon.
  20. They do pay with an interval of 7days ... means you will get paid for the post you made for the last 7days on the particular payout day. and regarding the registration link, its an network error, try some other again to access it. their technical team is working to improve the performance and we will get the fruit Soon. Hope you enjoy the other posts too .
  21. Ок попробую управлять любой способ добавления TRON можно увидеть в разделе объявлений, Надеюсь получить удовольствие от Tron Faucets здесь, в моем сообщении, чтобы получить бесплатные троны. Happy Claiming.
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