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  1. Conclusion: now I will say that I was wrong. The site is not a scam, but it is very difficult to use for new and free users. it takes a lot of effort in the beginning, to see the results later.
  2. And another reason! BTC prize from faucets drops, ADV prices rise.. It is not fair
  3. Please put advertising prices to dollars, beucause when bitcoin raise, advertising became very expensive. Thanks
  4. I got answer from EasyHits4U support. Low Banner impression And EasyHits4U wants sell your premium. I don't belive, after so poor traffic. Maybe I am wrong and EH4U is not scam. But I have bad expirience and I will not pay premium.
  5. Hello FaucetPay! Please put Croatian language on multi-language scection Thanks!
  6. Thanks for link! Link gets special place on my site :)))))))))))
  7. Hello people!!! Thanks for each register or claim instant faucet https://zelenideset.wordpress.com/ Cya!!
  8. After whole night surfing! After whole night !!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't keep quiet
This is a simple cybertext
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