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  1. is this the same from how the forum get before? or different? so we need to register again?
  2. Thank you cocorino for the information. you are right, im beginner and dont have any experience in trading. well, good luck to you too.
  3. right, it was a good thinking. but the problem is, i dont know how to insert the image. on the right button, its say insert image from URL. but, i dont know how. im sorry
  4. i haven't try binary trading, cause still don't know how to start. somewhat worry too if lose. reading this post, make me wanna try it. thanks for the simple step suggestion
  5. Thank you starwill. right, i will collect as much as possible. And i hope i can be as success like other earn
  6. i got the problem too. when i withdraw ltc from coinpot use ltc M address at coinbase, it say invalid address. maybe i will try to convert it now. Thanks for the information
  7. i collect btc, ltc, dash, ethereum, bch, doge, and i work hard to collect them
  8. maybe if you concern to join me claim tron from this faucet http://keepcryptotrx.xyz/?r=TXiVAcnobYXiRQ5nXSJnsU1bxmHU91Bmbp thanks
  9. Happy posting too it's good tutorial. thank you, i'm already withdraw my bonus following this tutorial from beginning
  10. i like cryptocurrency and also i like faucetpay ...
  11. Thank you for the Forum Bonus get paid for every posts. i have withdraw the bonus to my faucetpay account.
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