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  1. Good luck, and now faucetpay has deleted trading you can try another trading platform until faucetpay add trading again. I suggest you to try binance to avoid scam platforms. Peace
  2. Hey, Yes you are right and all the bots are scam but this bots are the best and paying: Go and search or click for this PTC bots in telegram. Dogeclickbot Btcclickbot Zecclickbot BCHclickbot
  3. It's a scam guys, the website has only telegram bots, and the admin of btc ads ( the bot ) are the owner. The advertiser shows you these ads in order to attract you to them. @kgmanda Please report the topic to the admin so he can see it as soon as possible.
  4. Give us your payment proof then and this bot are scam as you can see: So don't waste your time bro
  5. Me too, the team might try to update the site, with an instant withdrawal on the official site. Without going to another website to withdraw , do you understand what I mean?
  6. Heyy, Me too i think they will upgrade the page maybe just wait Faucetpay are not scam.
  7. Direct Faucet, Claim every 3 minutes: 6 satoshi No shortlinks, No PoP ads. The fastest faucet ever and claim anytime and without limit. Link: Luckydice - Fast Faucet
  8. And also w And also when you download the plugin a mining trojan will be installed on your computer automatically. So becarefull..
  9. Don't trust this kind of websites, be smart brother... The website is a mining website. This websites pay only youtube promoters and no one will get paid.
  10. Hey, welcome to this amazing forum , the website is new, and has no reviews, so i will try it, i hope i get paid from the website. When i get paid i'll post the proof here in the forum! Thanks
  11. Hey, If you have some skills/experience in operating faucets i recommend you to try faucetpay Faucet Script. If you have any problemson how to create a faucet i can help you. ( Free ).
  12. Brotherr... I think you are new at crypto world.. Websites that gives 0.01 BTC - 0.05 BTC , And also bitcoin mining websites are just scam and they pay only youtubers that promote such websites.
  13. I don't recomment anyone to invest in such sites because 95% of this sites are scam. So be careful...
  14. I agree with you, but for me Dogecoin is the best cryptocurrency because of its cheap price and Dogecoin didn't go down for a long time and the less fees per transactions ( 1 - 2 doge ).
  15. Every 90 minutes between 10 and 100 satoshi. Claim every 90 minutes. Payment credited directly to your u24.co account. Minimum withdraw: 25 satoshi. payment proof: Percent table: 1-49 referrals - 10% 50-99 referrals - 25% 100 and more referrals - 50% Link: U24 - BTC Faucet
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