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  1. Terms and conditions are Don't spam, posts counted are " Topics, Comments" and Max 10 posts per day
  2. Finally it's back, good to see the new layout
  3. Go to deposit section and scroll down and see the list of deposits you made here, also check weather your dashcoin are at pending or not. If you still haven't got your coins then contact faucetpay via there email
  4. Since you are the owner of the faucet you can promote in faucets section - https://forum.faucetpay.io/forum/6-faucets/ and also check this once -
  5. As far as i know it won't change, i have been using faucetpay for months now and i haven't seen any change in deposit address
  6. 1. Litecoinads (https://litecoinads.com/register.aspx?u=79888) - Best litecoin earning site 2. Coinpayu (https://www.coinpayu.com/?r=Anjan121) - BTC earning site with different payment methods such as dogecoin, ethereum and soon they gonna add litecoin 3. adBTC (https://adbtc.top/r/l/1579734) - Best btc earning site 4. LiteGPT (https://litegpt.com/register.aspx?u=2145) - New BTC earning site from Litecoinads I hope this helps to someone who want to earn cryptocurrency, have a nice day and happy earnings
  7. I can only give my opinion regarding coinbase not blockchain coz i don't use it, so about the registration it went really smooth for me and there was no hiccups. I have seen many of em complaining about not getting verified even when they have provided correct and valid documents and their support is trash so contact them once on twitter if possible and far as i know coinbase is one the best wallet (for me) to hold crypto assets but when it comes to buying and selling them coinbase doesn't support for my country. So for now i keep them in coinbase and whenever i want to exchange them to my currency i will just use a exchanger and If you had done a little more research you would have gotten the information regarding which country does coinbase supports. I will provide you a link just go through it and see which country it will supports and also they have mentioned which country would have the capability to buy and sell them and also regarding payment methods - https://www.coinbase.com/places I hope this could help you.
  8. Anjan J S


    Hey, welcome to the forum. Do check forum rules once and have a nice day and happy earnings
  9. This isn't the right place to post your referral links, so from next onwards please use Referral links (https://forum.faucetpay.io/forum/13-referral-links/) section to post such kind
  10. Since they have already mentioned that they will bring back binary trade once the issue is solved so don't worry
  11. Don't worry they have already mentioned that once the issue regarding it is solved then they will bring back binary trade. Here is the source for that post
  12. Yeah market price is the key to get the clear picture, it is a must see if you want to stay profitable for a long period.
  13. I would love to invest on Dogecoin and BAT Token because both have the potential to yield some nice profit over the time.
  14. Yes it is absolutely true they pay 100 sats for useful posts but right now they are at hold because they are doing some updates so registration is temporarily closed for now
  15. If you still got any doubts after going through google and youtube then feel free to ask here, we all are happy to help you.
  16. welcome to the forum
  17. i think any mod or admin can help you with that so contact them once
  18. Do they any minimum deposit or you can deposit whatever amount you want ??
  19. i would suggest not to, first withdraw to your personal wallet and then from there send them to localbitcoins.
  20. Finally everyone's wishes are coming true, it will be one huge update.
  21. i too would have chosen bitcoin as my favorite if transactions happened faster
  22. Mine is Litecoin (LTC), i like it mainly because of it's transaction speed and it takes less fees per transaction. Make sure to post and let me which one you would like the most.
  23. I collect LTC most on faucetpay and next most would be BTC and Dogecoin
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