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  1. thanks for the information. and to be honest, untill know im still didnt know about airdrops and bounties. can you please give more explanation about airdrops and bounties? im really want to know. im sorry if bother you. thanks anyway
  2. your explanation open my mind of what crypto should i need and which will be accepted. in case that i have force myself for time to claim many crypto that make me feel tired. Thanks anyway
  3. if anyone like claiming doge this is my referral link https://doge-faucet.com//?r=DHtgRGhNvcwEwGbe45Er2JVatFKuoYKgY2 thank you
  4. i'm vote though it's late , cause Tron already added. but hope for another to be added
  5. Let's get cryptocurrency

  6. left behind the past, life must go on
  7. Cryptocurrency bitcoin is my favorite. and i hope it would be easy to get it lot and fast
  8. Thank you for the explain how to register , how to withdraw the forum bonus. it's clear my confuse
This is a simple cybertext
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