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  1. winky47

    I'm new here. 😊

    Welcome to Faucetpay forum po. you can post your link on the referral section.
  2. winky47

    No investment.

    HIndi po kami nvestment site, microwallet po kami.
  3. Ikinagagalak po naming maging miyembro kayo.Welcome to Faucetpay!
  4. Wala po kaming support dito at wala din pong tutorial maari po kayong magpatulong na lang sa isang freelance web developer pagdating po dito ng magabayan niya din kayo ng ayos.
  5. Na replyan na po kayo try niyo na po kung Ok na
  6. Hello, open po kayo ng ticket sa Faucetpay support tungkol po dito
  7. winky47

    About withdraw

    First, are you stating you got another account with us?Creating multiple account isn't allowed in the platform. Secondly, make sure that it was your Faucetpay deposit address that you had used when you withdrew from that site and lastly, check the transaction id. If the site cant provide you any transaction id then you were never paid.
  8. Faucetpay deposit addresses are fix and won't change if ever there are changes there will be notification.
  9. Please be reminded that referral links are allowed only in the referral section and do add some more information when you're posting you don't get paid by just posting your referral link.
  10. For you to be able to withdraw your LTC with them you need to convert the address, as well as the BCH you need to convert it to a legacy address.
  11. You dont get paid for just dropping links which is not allowed in this section and also if you want to be paid say something useful about the sites you're promoting.. Read and follow the rules and guides, thank you.
  12. Be advised that referral links are only allowed at the referral section and also say something about the sites your promoting and not just dropping links you dont get paid for that.
  13. Good faucets but you might want to add some more to that list
This is a simple cybertext
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