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  1. Nice to see that there are voting polls like this for me to be familiar with any other cryptocurrencies. I honestly don't know anything about those 3 listed above so I voted for not sure. Haha But still good to know that Faucetpay continue to increase its business and expand its market.
  2. Mart1992


    Anong ibig mopomh sabihin dito?
  3. Awesome! I'm sorry just one more follow up. I'm now seeing 2 paid posts on my account but nothing on current sats does that mean I won't be getting anything from the 2 posts? And how can I earn reputation here?
  4. Very informative. Please keep us updated. It help us a lot especially me as newbie who still don't know how to use the forum. How I wish someone will send me personal message here as I don't have any friends yet.
  5. That's very helpful. I'm glad to see this post because I still don't know what to do as a first timer. May I know what's the difference between post to pay and paid post. I got all 9 post to pay do I need to wait to move it to paid post?
  6. I guess I have to start doing the trading.
  7. Welcome! I'm a new user too
  8. Thank you so much. Now I can do transactions with no worries.
  9. Thanks for answering starwill but I know how to widraw incentives from my account. What I mean is, if I want to receive/deposit payment to my faucet account. I guess I was able to find that out but still I'm not sure. Should I just click on deposit and use the bitcoin address that showing there?
  10. Hey guys, I guess its better to ask expert because I don't wanna commit mistake. If I want to receive payment on my faucetpay should I just provide my bitcoin address link to my faucetpay account? Will that work? Thank you for answering me!
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