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Found 143 results

  1. https://t.me/Free_Doge_Earn1_bot?start=r0062767377
  2. Hello everyone. These are my top 10 faucet sites. 1. Cointiply 2.Moremoney.io 3.Grab.tc 4.Freebitco.in 5.Es_Btcnewz 6. Nya-bit. 7. Bitcointricks 8. Adbtc.top 9.Coinpayu 10.Firefaucet
  3. https://faucetpay.io/?r=198897
  4. Timo123

    Sport betting.

    Hello guys. Last days i saw that so many people are looking for sport betting. This function was on faucetpay, but actually its not availble. I dont know that it will be temporary or not,. So im going with help There is link to other site, where You can bet your satoshis on sport events (and other). Meanwhile, its the one of the oldest faucet which is legit for 7 years. https://freebitco.in/?r=18595042
  5. Legit site free btc. Claim 28 sat, every 4min. Min wd 0.0001 BTC. https://bit-flow.app/?r=107185
  6. Tutorial For Faucetpay.io Sites that are free and no invest needed only require you to input your Deposit Address required by each site on the specified location ,claim them and bookmark Important Note: Upon viewing the site of Coin, you will not see a captcha you first need to click " Claim botton" then Captcha will appear . other than coin site all faucet is fine as it is. BTC ADDRESS required 1.https://xfaucet.net/bitcoin/?r=3JK3FLZzc5wEQccATfww3zDitgBCrsYCNw 2.https://coin.mg/bonus/bitcoin/?r=3JK3FLZzc5wEQccATfww3zDitgBCrsYCNw 3.https://konstantinova.net/bitcoin/?r=3JK3FLZzc5wEQccATfww3zDitgBCrsYCNw ETH or ETherium ADDRESS Required 1.https://xfaucet.net/ethereum/?r=DCuiGuXMHtFVREpKmnn8ALnGQf6UZvNeXp 2.https://coin.mg/bonus/ethereum/?r=DCuiGuXMHtFVREpKmnn8ALnGQf6UZvNeXp 3.https://konstantinova.net/ethereum/?r=3JK3FLZzc5wEQccATfww3zDitgBCrsYCNw LiteCoin or LTC ADDRESS required 1.https://xfaucet.net/litecoin/?r=MJ6LtPgSfdyg6g6UVNPvbSW4dfG854e4Wz 2.https://coin.mg/bonus/litecoin/?r=MJ6LtPgSfdyg6g6UVNPvbSW4dfG854e4Wz 3.https://konstantinova.net/litecoin/?r=MJ6LtPgSfdyg6g6UVNPvbSW4dfG854e4Wz Dogecoin or Doge ADDRESS required 1.https://xfaucet.net/dogecoin/?r=DRZjmtS6ty8Q5atQWtaFYenT2DhYHj6Ukh 2.https://coin.mg/bonus/dogecoin/?r=DRZjmtS6ty8Q5atQWtaFYenT2DhYHj6Ukh 3.https://konstantinova.net/dogecoin/?r=DRZjmtS6ty8Q5atQWtaFYenT2DhYHj6Ukh Bitcoin Cash or BCH ADDRESS required 1.https://xfaucet.net/bitcoincash/?r=bitcoincash:qqdkvjv00quzl8ac62t4srta66942agx6uz53mcws0 2.https://coin.mg/bonus/bitcoincash/?r=bitcoincash:qqdkvjv00quzl8ac62t4srta66942agx6uz53mcws0 3.https://konstantinova.net/bitcoincash/?r=qqdkvjv00quzl8ac62t4srta66942agx6uz53mcws0 DashCoin or DSH ADDRESS required 1.https://xfaucet.net/dashcoin/?r=Xw6qJVg65ABAKXgvSdjVZiusJ2ZCTu7QCz 2.https://coin.mg/bonus/dashcoin/?r=Xw6qJVg65ABAKXgvSdjVZiusJ2ZCTu7QCz 3.https://konstantinova.net/dashcoin/?r=Xw6qJVg65ABAKXgvSdjVZiusJ2ZCTu7QCz DigiCoin or DiGI ADDRESS required 1.https://xfaucet.net/digibyte/?r=DCuiGuXMHtFVREpKmnn8ALnGQf6UZvNeXp 2.https://coin.mg/bonus/digibyte/?r=DCuiGuXMHtFVREpKmnn8ALnGQf6UZvNeXp 3.https://konstantinova.net/digibyte/?r=DCuiGuXMHtFVREpKmnn8ALnGQf6UZvNeXp Tip: open new browser open , open them all start at the beginning to the end im sure before you reach the end 5mins first claim should be done already Happy Earning Guys The list will be having update eventually , kindly check and subscribe to learn more about 5mins claims
  7. TRON .. ترون عملة رقمية جديدة نشأت في الربع الأخير من العام الماضي، قائمة على تكنولوجيا البلوكشين، استطاعت أن تصبح من أقوى عشر عملات في سوق الكريبتو من حيث القيمة السوقية، ستكون محور حديثنا اليوم، سنتعرف معًا عزيزي القارئ عن كل شئ يخص تلك العملة، بداية من كيف ظهرت، ومن السبب في ظهورها، القيمة الخاصة بها، ومستقبلها. ماهي عملة ترون الرقمية ؟ عملة ترون TRON، ويرمز لها بالرمز المميز TRX، هي عملة وبروتوكول لامركزي قائم على تشبكة البلوكشين، تهدف إلى بناء نظام محتوى الترفيه مجانًا في كل أنحاء العالم، ويسمح البروتوكول لكل مستخدم بحرية نشر وتخزين البيانات الخاصة في شكل مستقل لامركزي. تأسست العملة في الربع الأخير من عام 2017، بهدف جعل الإنترنت مكان أفضل، عن طريق خلق نظام تشاركي جديد داخل البلوكشين الخاص بهذه العملة.
  8. Litegpt new site. This is a new but paying site. In this site you can earn sat by viewing ads, faucet, shortlink and also you can do traffic exchange. You can take money in FaucetPay. There is no minimum windrow amount( only for FaucetPay). There is a proof and helping telegram post link is given below. Post Link - https://bit.ly/2Cggvou Site Link - https://litegpt.com/register
  9. Hey there I m here tell you one of the best high paying website is litecoin.com Here you can claim hourly litoshies . And unlimited captcha claim 150 litoshish per claim and you can earn up to 1lac litoshi in one day without any refer. Here you can earn multiple option like ptc shortlink revenue sharing Join now https://litecoinads.com/default.aspx?
  10. you wont regret! https://litecoinads.com/default.aspx?u=86866
  11. Direct Faucet, Claim every 3 minutes: 6 satoshi No shortlinks, No PoP ads. The fastest faucet ever and claim anytime and without limit. Link: Luckydice - Fast Faucet
  12. Click here for 20 Satoshi bonus . Try free for mining and claim on BTC faucet. Minimal WD 0,01 BTC
  13. Enter the faucet , take the captcha , and then enter your faucet pay litecoin adress faucet link: https://bit.ly/3dItDzG
  14. Trusted Free Bitcoin earning site with payment proof: ✔ Signup for free ✔ No minimum withdraw here ✔ Ways of earning: Faucets, PTCs, Surf Ads, View Ads and more ✔ Instant payment ✔ Claim what you earn Site link: bit.ly/2BIRLFl Those who doesnt want to wait for the withdrawal amount to reach, this site is for them. You can withdraw as low as 1satoshi from here.
  15. Make a coinpot account... Use faucets per 5 minutes.. Convert currency on coinpot....join lottery and earn as much as you can! Links belowearn through all faucets Bitcoin http://moonbit.co.in/?ref=EEBD96E04A37 Bitcoincash http://moonbitcoin.cash/?ref=71D042748D98 Dogecoin http://moondoge.co.in/?ref=33CA44C7E955 Lite coin http://moonliteco.in/?ref=A8EDC78F191F Dash http://moondash.co.in/?ref=3D978F135AAB Bonus bitcoin http://bonusbitcoin.co/?ref=4BC693D25E08 Bitfun http://bitfun.co/?ref=DAA650B4E6A1
  16. Earn LTC daily from Telegram Bot. This is another Telegram earning Bot. This is a nice platform to earn money. This is a light Telegram Bot. You can earn money by surfing ads from this sites. This site pay you in your wallet. This site pay instantly. So you can work in this sites. This site are safe and trusted. Site Link - https://t.me/Litecoin_click_bot?start=bWnA
  17. Earn free ZCH/BCH daily from Telegram Bot. Now-a-days Telegram is a nice platform to earn money. So there are now many earning bot are present. There are some light Telegram Bots. You can earn money by surfing ads from this sites. This site pay you in your wallet. This sites pay instantly. So you can work in this sites. This sites are safe and trusted. 1st Site Link - https://t.me/Zcash_click_bot?start=yUqw 2nd Site Link - https://t.me/BCH_clickbot?start=Km5m
  18. Earn free sat daily from Coinpot . Coinpot is a nice site to earn money by claiming faucet . You can earn money by claiming faucet from this site . It has many faucet sites . You can take your money in FaucetPay or in your wallet . It is a nice site . You will like it. Try this out. Site Link - https://coinpot.co
  19. Hola amigos les presento una nueva faucet de dogecoins, reclamos directos a tu billetera y 10% en referidos, https://theonefaucet.000webhostapp.com/
  20. Okay guys. Imagine that You found New faucet in Web. I think, You will not have problems with imagine that xd Its seems good, but are not sure that its legit. What are You doinf with it? 1. Are You trying to collect minimum withdrawal andchecking this site? Maybe with refferal's help? 2. Are You try to find opinionss about this site? Maybe on this forum? 3. Oryou deposit there to make minimum withdraw? 4 or you are not checking New sites? Maybe any other ways? Share your exeperience, im inviting to discuss xd
  21. I have to say that not only is litecoinads the best litecoin faucet attached to faucetpay, I would also go as far as saying it’s the best faucet attached to faucetpay. The faucet regularly pays out a higher reward with my best being 150,000 from a single roll! The ptc and other earning opportunities are excellent, and when you add in instant payments with no minimum for faucetpay withdrawals your have a real winner. https://litecoinads.com/register.aspx?u=108830
  22. Another free bitcoin claims every hour Go to website ang search freebitco.in RefferalCode: 10702537 Note: no refferal code no sign up
  23. Get paid by claiming every 30 mins answering offerwal , clicking ptc ads visiting shortlinks and playing HI LO game Instant withraw to faucetpay https://larvelfaucet.com/ref/LzhW36uH
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