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Found 22 results

  1. Cuman ngisi shortlink satu dapat 2 doge bosskuhhh sikatttt buat tambah depo https://dodobr.com/?r=DRqwWQnDF72edTCuD2Porx9FFS1nTfGjwg
  2. Claim 0.35 doge setiap 10 menit sekali boskuhhh tanpa shortlink langsung masuk faucetpay,,buruan gassssss bosskuuhhh,,mumpung legittttt https://crypto-news.fun/dogecoin/?r=DRqwWQnDF72edTCuD2Porx9FFS1nTfGjwg
  3. https://dogesurv.xyz/?r=D8nwjLyrqq3DPWc7TAUrLyfhwbyMhztioK
  4. Claim terus boss langsung masuk faucetpay,,mumpung belum scam https://krypto-trend.de/dogecoin-faucet-krypto-trend/?r=DRqwWQnDF72edTCuD2Porx9FFS1nTfGjwg
  5. Claim setiap 15 menit sekali bosskuuhh mumpung ada yang gede,,tanpa shortlink bosskuhhh tinggal verifikasi human,, https://www.cekafaucet.me/?r=DRqwWQnDF72edTCuD2Porx9FFS1nTfGjwg
  6. Claim doge setiap 0 menit bosskuhh tinggal refresh claim lagi 0.05-1 doge perclaim bosskuhh mantullll nihhh https://happydoge.happybtc.xyz/?r=MLbEa958yMH53Yc16RRevw5AcJksTYytxB
  7. Claim 0.15 doge setiap 5 menit tanpa kunjungi shortlink https://xfaucet.net/dogecoin/?r=DRqwWQnDF72edTCuD2Porx9FFS1nTfGjwg
  8. Claim setiap 8minutes bosskuhhh 0,4-5 Doge,,langsung masuk faucetpay kita,,no shortlink pula cepetan garap boss keburu kandasssss https://trustfaucet.xyz/?r=DRqwWQnDF72edTCuD2Porx9FFS1nTfGjwg
  9. No Popads, No annoying ads Simple clean BTC & DOGE Faucet BTC: https://360ptp.online/free-btc/ DOGE: https://360ptp.online/free-doge/ Claim 0.02 Doge without any popads or annoying ads CLAIM NOW
  10. Dalam 2 hari pasti dijamin wd 50doge via faucetpay,,2jam lamgsung landing boss apalagi ada kode promonya 20Doge kode GET20DOGE,,,gasskennnlah bosskuhhh,, https://ad-doge.com/register.aspx?u=54604
  11. ●Fast Mining All Coin ●No deposit to withdrawal ●Free 2500Gh/s first ●Claim free GH/s everyday ●Can upgrade GH/s without purchase Join This Site >>> https://bit.ly/3lbuk8X
  12. Hello forum, I run a dogecoin faucet for a few months using a-ads but I heard that they do not pay so good, any good alternative to them?What do you guys use ?
  13. Big Giveaway First 500 Members Recive 100 TRX Then 50,000 TRX Distrubute In Top 10 Referrals. Each Get 5,000 TRX Minimum 50 Refers To Be Need To Participate In Referal Contest For Participate Fast Start The Bot TronGiveawayByHPR Note - This Is Last Contest I Hope That You Do Real Refers
  14. This is my first faucet (and wow it was so hard for a noob like me to make one!!!) so I will be adding 100 doge daily and will consider alternatives to ads and etc. So far no pop ups/unders and other intrusive ads. Hit me up with any suggestions (which ads to use and how to add them properly on site). P.S. Please help me I need scripts for free, I want my own dice game , where do I find them? Link http://cryptogaming.site And this is my website where I have one faucet as well http://www.earncryptocurrencyonline.com
  15. Claim 0.29doge setiap 1jam sekali,,bisa dituyul gaesss https://doge-faucet.com/?r=DRqwWQnDF72edTCuD2Porx9FFS1nTfGjwg
  16. doge mining free instant withdrawal and no minimum https://dogemining.space/r/93162
  17. Hello crypto users, Today i bring a brand new Doge coin faucet with unlimited earning opportunity. Claim 900000 to 1100000 Doge satoshis every 30 mins without wasting your time. Referral earning up to 10%. Direct payment to Faucetpay. Claim daily with easy shortlink task and earn free crypto. So hurry and start claiming now. Join Now: Click Here So if you appreciate my work then give a LIKE to my post. Thank you,
  18. Ok so I know everyone is already waiting for new edition and im a bit busy recompiling all referral links that was sent to me via discord so stay tune for that currently we discover another 5mins claim 14times a day which may interest you on adding and bookmarking it for claiming http://obfaucets.ml/dogefaucet-fp/?r=DRZjmtS6ty8Q5atQWtaFYenT2DhYHj6Ukh
  19. CoinPot: https://coinpot.co/ Then here are the different coinpot faucets that you will use to get your first fractions of cryptos:I advise you to register on all the faucets to optimize your earnings especially at the start.Bitcoin:MoonBitcoin: http://moonbit.co.in/?ref=CE6B69AF148C BonusBitcoin: http://bonusbitcoin.co/?ref=3D2BB40B60D0 (affiliate link)http://bonusbitcoin.co/Litecoin: http://moonliteco.in/?ref=CD3187279C4A Dash: http://moondash.co.in/?ref=CCBA94460052 Bitcoin Cash: http://moonbitcoin.cash/?ref=8DA8F80DE591 dogecoin http://moondoge.co.in/?ref=86A00964B278 TipsOnce registered on all the faucets I will give you some tips.CointPot has its own currency on its site, the CointPot token, nothing very original at first glance, but thanks to them we can very quickly increase our earnings from cryptos.To get it you can:Go claim your cryptos on the different faucets given before, you will get 3 for each claim.Exchange your cryptocurrencies for CoinPot Tokens, which I advise you to do at the start.I advise you to do this because on CoinPot there is a “Challenges” category of different levels, as well as on different time scales!5 levels on each of the 20 challenges in total, with gains between 100 and 500 tokens per level.Of the 20 challenges available there are 4 daily achievable,4 monthly,12 only once.The objective will be to fulfill daily challenges that are achievable, thanks to their betting games, the "Multiplier" and the "Lottery".Multiply is a betting system, you choose by how much you want to multiply your bet, and the chance of winning percentage will change accordingly, note they only take 0 margin on the odds of winning.Challenges are notably available on this game, with the number of bets made each day, month, or in total since your registration, as well as on the number of tokens to win, this is where you will be winning, given that an automatic betting system is available, and as coinpot does not take 0 margin on bets, the objective will be to create your automatic betting strategy and fill the challenges daily in order to win a maximum of coinpot tokens!The lottery as long as it is basic, you buy tickets, the values ??of these are put in the prize pools, each hour a draw is made the winner obtains half of the winnings of the prize pool and 5 other winners win 10% each of the pot or the remaining 50%.Nothing is complicated to start earning your first cryptocurrencies, you can even earn more over
  20. Refer as many people as you can! Encourage them to play at the FaucetPay as much as they can! You can get closer to the main prize by encouraging your referred users to play at our games such as Dice, Sportsbetting and Crashes. Bets in all cryptocurrencies are counted and their value is converted to BTC. Join now Play as much as you can! You can get closer to the main prize by increasing your total wagered amount. Bets in all cryptocurrencies are counted and their value is converted to BTC.
  21. Hi there so here is our new edition to my Breezy tab channel guide while im at sleeping dreaming of gals what not anyway lets focus on the subject I found some profitable faucet which is automated you only need to an active window, your deposit address from faucetpay and roll Doge Freebies https://faucetcoins.org/doge?r=DRZjmtS6ty8Q5atQWtaFYenT2DhYHj6Ukh DIgibyte https://faucetcoins.org/dgb?r=DCuiGuXMHtFVREpKmnn8ALnGQf6UZvNeXp dont forget to recruit lads for commision and follow Breezy channel tab thanks BreezyChannel Tab
  22. Etalker


    Coinpot is a great way to collect, btc, bch, ltc, dash and doge. It has 7 faucets, 3 for btc and one each for the rest. What is great is that you can exchange these coins to reach your payout total for the specific coin you want faster. I usually deposit it into my FaucetPay wallet.
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