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Found 36 results

  1. No Popads, No annoying ads Simple clean BTC & DOGE Faucet BTC: https://360ptp.online/free-btc/ DOGE: https://360ptp.online/free-doge/ Claim 0.02 Doge without any popads or annoying ads CLAIM NOW
  2. Faucetpay - Doge Auto-Faucet - 180sec--->0.00450000 DOGE Faucetpay - Doge Auto-Faucet - 180sec--->0.00120000 DOGE
  3. Cuma nge-klik iklan 20 detik/iklan (12-15 iklan/hari). WD pake BTC wallet atau faucetpay LINK: KLIK DI SINI YA?
  4. Hi friend: I got a good news about this site. Today I am successly get my firs payment, 5000 Satoshi without refferal! It's very simple PTC task and any one can do it. You can withdraw with your faucetpay account or BTC wallet. CLICK HERE TO JOINT NOW!
  5. How do i make up to $5 daily online without investments.
  6. رو براتون قرار دادم faucetpay دوستان لینک دعوتنامه سایت بدون لینک دعوت نمیتونید عضو بشید پس حتماً با استفاده از لینک دعوت اقدام به ثبت نام کنید https://www.faucetcrypto.com/ref/379094 موفق و پیروز باشید
  7. Kerjanya cuma merampungkan solvechaptcha doang setiap 0 menit. Link: CLICK HERE PLEASE
  8. https://xfaucet.net/bitcoin/?r=1JQCviverYBjLMqQdqchDQSky4zyMoNp91
  9. https://litecoinmania.com/?r=MVAAYC32XsxoqLLdqQDbkeeoKkdrRL2ZGX
  11. Looking for free BTC? I have a good news. It's simple task, legit and paid. 1. Site name: MakeMoney24co (click HERE to joint ) BTC claim: 10-50 Satoshi every minute, 30 claim daily How? : Finishing recaptcha before click claim button. Referral comission: 50% (lifetime) Minimal withdraw: 5000 Satoshi (0,00005000 BTC) trabsfer on your Faucetpay balance. No fees for withdraw. 2. Site name: 24BTCxyz (click HERE to joint) BTC claim: 50-150 Satoshi every minute, 30 claim daily How?: finishing recaptcha before click claim button Referral comission: 50% (lifetime) Minimal withdraw: 15000 (0,00015000 BTC) automatic direct on any BTC wallet. No fees for withdraw.
  12. Dapat minimal 9 Satoshi BTC setiap 30 menit dari faucet, Dapat 269 Satoshi BTC setiap hari dari 26 Shortlink. Dapat Joint free on LinK: CLICK HERE (KLIK DI SINI GAN) BUKTI MEMBAYAR (WD PAYMENT PROOF): Bukti 1: Klik : https://ibb.co/W5jnr0D Bukti 2 Klik: https://ibb.co/rycvcJw
  13. Hasilkan crypto gratis tanpa deposit bisa langsung withdraw ke wallet address dan faucetpay. Link Site : https://www.faucetcrypto.com/ref/92937
  14. Rollercoin for me has become one the best site to earn free crypto. It is a virtual mining game where you get some power for every game you play. And you can use those power to mine the coins. Currently Bitcoin, dogecoin and etherium are available for mining but soon they are planning to add some more coins. It's been around 8 days since I started using the site and I have made around 400 dogecoin and 1000 Satoshi from this site. I have not invested any amount till now. All the earnings are from the games that I played in the game. Though I have not invested money I have invested lot of hours playing the game . My plan right now is to play at least 200 games every single day. I know that's a lot of time.But in near future, I am planning to buy some miners having capacity of 15000 ghs. with each miner I can reduce my game play by 15 .so, if I add 10 miners within few months then I will play only 50 games each day. Other 150 will be done by my miner. There is no limit to how much you can play or earn. But I am keeping it to 200 games a day for now. You must give this website a try. The best thing is It's completely free and pays you some decent amount. Websitelink --- Click here to visit Rollercoin
  15. Just click H E R E to start earning lifetime BTC.. And the best thing is, you can withdraw your earning or make a deposit using your FaucetPay account. Cheers!
  16. Hi Guys, Many of the People are new here, wondering just how to post the URL Links and format IT in a way that it does not visible being a URL to the viewers but clickable to access the desired link (might be ref-link) . Here is the Key to DO THIS. - We have to utilize the Formatting Bar for this purpose (you can see above to your writing area) it looks like as under You have to click on Chain-like icon (Circled in the image above) A Pop up window will open as under Type your URL Link in First Line Type the words you like to show in the post in 2nd line and click on insert into post As you can see ... i have made in the image the resulted Link will show you like this .... FORUM BONUS NETWORK P,S LIKE THE POST IF YOU FOUND IT HELPFUL TO YOU.
  17. https://faucetpay.io/?r=198897
  18. As we all know TRON gets listed on Faucet Pay that means now you can also trade Tron coin in faucetpay.io But I have another good news a new site has been launched it is decentralized Tron smart contract that pays dividend to their investor join now and deposit 50 TRX and watch it growing Today they are also going to launch their token SIGN UP LINK : https://tron-divs.com?ref=TFBNt9qctTJJZD6VqjCo1e5jDoBJx7ZDSy
  19. Min invest : 50 doge Min withdraw : 1 doge to faucetpay Link : https://dogemininggame.com/r/74062
  20. So? getting bored wanna earn easy peasy with a game app every hour ? easy and safe? Simple download the app at googleplay or playstore Minimum Withdraw 10kmbch BCH links https://bitcoinaliens.com/?ref=1724991&game=7&pf=2 https://bitcoinaliens.com/?ref=1388933&game=7&pf=2 LTC minimum withdrawal 100k to 20ksatosh https://bitcoinaliens.com/?ref=1388933&game=8&pf=2 https://bitcoinaliens.com/?ref=1724991&game=8&pf=2 Just download and have fun can be directly withdraw from your perosonal wallet or faucetpay which is much better Happy Hunting support Breezy Channel https://forum.faucetpay.io/topic/1086-breezy-channel-fast-claims-for-newcomers-and-pro/
  21. https://faucetpay.io/?r=116296
  22. Trusted Free Bitcoin earning site with payment proof: ✔ Signup for free ✔ No minimum withdraw here ✔ Ways of earning: Faucets, PTCs, Surf Ads, View Ads and more ✔ Instant payment ✔ Claim what you earn Site link: bit.ly/2BIRLFl Those who doesnt want to wait for the withdrawal amount to reach, this site is for them. You can withdraw as low as 1satoshi from here.
  23. please help. Ada bisa jelaskan kenapa aktip plan jadi nol.
  24. I have been playing faucetpay casino or dice so to speak since I have been registered in faucetpay. I used loose quite a lot in the earlier days but now I win more than I loose. i have been using few tricks or strategies so I would not loose more BTC in casino which i would like to share here in this forum. I hope this helps many more peopple who will come across this post and do as i did. There is one trick I have used always while gambling and that is best of three. before I go all out in casino, i would bet the minimum amount for atleast 3 times and I calculate the result and play accordingly in the next bet. For example: if I bet 3 'HI' and two of the three times if it comes HI then my next bet would be HI and same with LOW. But if the result produces alternative results in each bet then i would play alternatively for atleast next 3 bet. And 2 out 3 times I always win by this method.
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