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Found 5 results

  1. You need to try Stake. I have been betting there without any issues, they have low margins on bets, low house edge on their casino games and instant withdrawals. They give weekly and monthly bonuses to their players+ chance to win upto 10$ daily from their discord lottery.+ Big rains in the chat, tips etc+ cashback on bets made. https://prnt.sc/tftw1n In case you get not available in your country, You can connect to their official mirror site :) Stake Mirror Site
  2. Wanfahmi


  3. With binary trading on faucetpay, you have the potential to earn mega bucks or lose it all. I just thought to share my opinion on whether it is the same as gambling. There is a thin line between trading and gambling in that a trade can end up in two ways only, a win or a loss, just like when you gamble. Simply put, gambling is “betting on an uncertain outcome, as of a contest”. In another word, gambling is taking a risk in the hope of gaining an advantage or a benefit. In binary trading, it is committing your put or call orders in order to gain a financial return. In other to answer the question whether Binary Options is gambling or trading, every trader must analyze his/her long term objectives. That is to say, does your strategy have a long term positive expectancy? If your trading strategy is not mathematically stable or cannot be calculated, it means you do not have a solid strategy which is in effect, no strategy at all. If you can not defend your strategy for flaws or for its logic, you are most likely gambling. It therefore means that one major difference between binary trading and gambling is the absence or presence of dependable and dependable winning strategy. Outside of this, it is almost totally gambling or at the very least trading blindly. In conclusion, it is my opinion that binary trading is only a form of a gambling but not gambling strictly speaking. What's your opinion?
  4. I have been playing faucetpay casino or dice so to speak since I have been registered in faucetpay. I used loose quite a lot in the earlier days but now I win more than I loose. i have been using few tricks or strategies so I would not loose more BTC in casino which i would like to share here in this forum. I hope this helps many more peopple who will come across this post and do as i did. There is one trick I have used always while gambling and that is best of three. before I go all out in casino, i would bet the minimum amount for atleast 3 times and I calculate the result and play accordingly in the next bet. For example: if I bet 3 'HI' and two of the three times if it comes HI then my next bet would be HI and same with LOW. But if the result produces alternative results in each bet then i would play alternatively for atleast next 3 bet. And 2 out 3 times I always win by this method.
  5. Get paid by claiming every 30 mins answering offerwal , clicking ptc ads visiting shortlinks and playing HI LO game Instant withraw to faucetpay https://larvelfaucet.com/ref/LzhW36uH
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