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About Me

Found 2 results

  1. Hello guys im missing this forum as a place where many people are sharing their experience? Whats the future of this forum? Few days (even weeks) admins saids that they need to clean forum of a spam. For now, forum is cleaned, what You are waiting for? Is it forever that post should be accepted by moderator? Whats with 100sat/post Bounty and other contests? How do You, admins, are planning the future of this site?
  2. Tutorial For Faucetpay.io Sites that are free and no invest needed only require you to input your Deposit Address required by each site on the specified location ,claim them and bookmark Important Note: Upon viewing the site of Coin, you will not see a captcha you first need to click " Claim botton" then Captcha will appear . other than coin site all faucet is fine as it is. BTC ADDRESS required 1.https://xfaucet.net/bitcoin/?r=3JK3FLZzc5wEQccATfww3zDitgBCrsYCNw 2.https://coin.mg/bonus/bitcoin/?r=3JK3FLZzc5wEQccATfww3zDitgBCrsYCNw 3.https://konstantinova.net/bitcoin/?r=3JK3FLZzc5wEQccATfww3zDitgBCrsYCNw ETH or ETherium ADDRESS Required 1.https://xfaucet.net/ethereum/?r=DCuiGuXMHtFVREpKmnn8ALnGQf6UZvNeXp 2.https://coin.mg/bonus/ethereum/?r=DCuiGuXMHtFVREpKmnn8ALnGQf6UZvNeXp 3.https://konstantinova.net/ethereum/?r=3JK3FLZzc5wEQccATfww3zDitgBCrsYCNw LiteCoin or LTC ADDRESS required 1.https://xfaucet.net/litecoin/?r=MJ6LtPgSfdyg6g6UVNPvbSW4dfG854e4Wz 2.https://coin.mg/bonus/litecoin/?r=MJ6LtPgSfdyg6g6UVNPvbSW4dfG854e4Wz 3.https://konstantinova.net/litecoin/?r=MJ6LtPgSfdyg6g6UVNPvbSW4dfG854e4Wz Dogecoin or Doge ADDRESS required 1.https://xfaucet.net/dogecoin/?r=DRZjmtS6ty8Q5atQWtaFYenT2DhYHj6Ukh 2.https://coin.mg/bonus/dogecoin/?r=DRZjmtS6ty8Q5atQWtaFYenT2DhYHj6Ukh 3.https://konstantinova.net/dogecoin/?r=DRZjmtS6ty8Q5atQWtaFYenT2DhYHj6Ukh Bitcoin Cash or BCH ADDRESS required 1.https://xfaucet.net/bitcoincash/?r=bitcoincash:qqdkvjv00quzl8ac62t4srta66942agx6uz53mcws0 2.https://coin.mg/bonus/bitcoincash/?r=bitcoincash:qqdkvjv00quzl8ac62t4srta66942agx6uz53mcws0 3.https://konstantinova.net/bitcoincash/?r=qqdkvjv00quzl8ac62t4srta66942agx6uz53mcws0 DashCoin or DSH ADDRESS required 1.https://xfaucet.net/dashcoin/?r=Xw6qJVg65ABAKXgvSdjVZiusJ2ZCTu7QCz 2.https://coin.mg/bonus/dashcoin/?r=Xw6qJVg65ABAKXgvSdjVZiusJ2ZCTu7QCz 3.https://konstantinova.net/dashcoin/?r=Xw6qJVg65ABAKXgvSdjVZiusJ2ZCTu7QCz DigiCoin or DiGI ADDRESS required 1.https://xfaucet.net/digibyte/?r=DCuiGuXMHtFVREpKmnn8ALnGQf6UZvNeXp 2.https://coin.mg/bonus/digibyte/?r=DCuiGuXMHtFVREpKmnn8ALnGQf6UZvNeXp 3.https://konstantinova.net/digibyte/?r=DCuiGuXMHtFVREpKmnn8ALnGQf6UZvNeXp Tip: open new browser open , open them all start at the beginning to the end im sure before you reach the end 5mins first claim should be done already Happy Earning Guys The list will be having update eventually , kindly check and subscribe to learn more about 5mins claims
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