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[NEW] FaucetPay Contests

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FaucetPay Contests!

- This topic will be for the FaucetPay Weekly contests, from time to time FaucetPay will offer contests in the topic.

- Winners always chosen after 7-days from the contest run.

- Posts should be helpful, 50+ chars, no low value.

Any spam in reputations system will be banned, forum still young all things are visible like light.

Current contest : Contest 1

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Contest 1

Date : Tuesday (06/30/20) -> Tuesday(07/07/20)

Payments will be sent on Tuesday 7 July, if you in our campaign, the payment will be sent to the given email, if no, you have to PM Me in the day of payment if you have been chosen.

Prizes :

First Place: 30 $ worth of bitcoin

Second Place:  20 $ worth of bitcoin

Third Place: 10 $ worth of bitcoin

Good luck to all !

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