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How to earn BCH with Redcash

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Hello crypto users wanna show you how i earn BCH with redcash

redcash is a new blogging platform that runs on the bitcoin cash blockchain, one of the best features about this website is that it allows you to write articles in your native language so many users this will be much easier than trying to create articles in english.

The earning at the site are really good at the moment , you can earn about 10-30 cents writing a short article with a few pictures , and write about five articles a day which u can earn $10 a week the website is new and the earnings may change in the future but this website works really nice and the team are doing a great job developing it.

one of the best features of https://read.cash/r/Chukwudifrancis is the instant withdrawal . I withdraw my first payment of $1 instantly and it was in my bitcoincash wallet before i could even open the application!

happy earnings join redcash ñow


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