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why coinbase is limited in some countries.

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I haven't been so involved into cyptocurrency but in the past few months, I dedicated myself to getting the right tools, quality apps and ameliorated trading strategy. Then I landed on coinbase, blockchain walet and the coinbase wallet as well. Quite promising with the most secure trading options. Honestly, Tezos was the asset that actually captivated my attention while I went through their offers; and I hope to write a post on such profitable assets pretty soon.

Moreso, those wallets held the promising future for secure browsing and they'll eventually upgrade on certain implementations with time. However, I felt disappointed when, after registering, I couldn't add my debit card (Visa) because I obtained it from Africa. I wrote their customer support team about thrice but I seldom received their automated response emails, to say the least. Now, keeping those wallets with the hope that I'd find the answers to solving my problem - which was to begin trading after verifying my ID, phone number and address - was almost a mistake, I thought. 

This is how I dropped coinbase and blockchain wallet. I started doing more research for other means of acquiring bitcoins and trade on a secure platform with as much ease, and I found paxful, which is quite recommendable and faucetpay. Now, regardless whether Faucetpay and Paxful are as reliable, I'm left with the question why there's so much awareness about coinbase and blockchain wallets being operational on a global scale? On their websites, they fail to mention which countries can have complete access to their platform and I think this is a very important step that should be included in the list of the things that are to be written on such crypto-websites. 

It's necessary to to state detailed functionality of the platform, which in turn will gives the platform reliability and would enhance its awareness.

I'm open to all opinions on this subject and I look forward learning from you.

Thanks and warmest regards to all.

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I can only give my opinion regarding coinbase not blockchain coz i don't use it, so about the registration it went really smooth for me and there was no hiccups. I have seen many of em complaining about not getting verified even when they have provided correct and valid documents and their support is trash so contact them once on twitter if possible and far as i know coinbase is one the best wallet (for me) to hold crypto assets but when it comes to buying and selling them coinbase doesn't support for my country. So for now i keep them in coinbase and whenever i want to exchange them to my currency i will just use a exchanger and If you had done a little more research you would have gotten the information regarding which country does coinbase supports.

I will provide you a link just go through it and see which country it will supports and also they have mentioned which country would have the capability to buy and sell them and also regarding payment methods -  https://www.coinbase.com/places

I hope this could help you.

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